51 English Grammar Worksheets-Class 1 (Instant downloadable)


MTG 51 grammar worksheets fulfil the basic need of learning grammar at lower level. Every worksheet comes with a learning objective. Use of interactive images makes the book more appealing. Covering the entire syllabus of respective class followed by solutions at the end of the book. It is available in downloadable and printable format.

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51 grammar worksheets are meant for classes 1-5. The aim of this series is to increase the grammatical accuracy in learners in a creative and interactive manner. These worksheets cover all the grammar topics in a variety of presentations. It intends to inspire learners to learn the concepts and to banish their boredom. These worksheets are based on Blooms Taxonomy, which help in the intellectual growth of the learner by focusing both on the lower order thinking skills (knowledge, understanding and application) and higher order thinking skills (analyzing, evaluating and creating). These easy-to-do worksheets will surely help learners to build their knowledge and develop their overall skills.

ISBN11 EP201800009
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2017-18
Pages 90
Classes Class 1
Exams School Books
Subjects English


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