34 Years NEET Chapterwise Topicwise Solutions-Physics


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With an 80 % 5-star rating, among teachers and students MTG 34 Years NEET Chapterwise – Topicwise Solutions overrules the NEET book plethora with excellent answer quality and effective readable content. Appreciated by Lakhs of NEET aspirants for the NEET preparation, the book serves as an effective question bank having questions from the past 34 years of the AIPMT/ NEET exam. These questions are arranged in Chapterwise-Topicwise format so that student get benefitted since beginning. Additionally, detailed solutions are given for easy and clear understanding. The exclusivity and uniqueness lies in the fact that on buying this book you gets a free access to its digital online replica.

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MTG’s 34 years NEET/AIPMT Chapter Wise Solutions Physics is a chapter wise question bank having questions from the past 34 years NEET/AIPMT exam arranged in chapterwise and topicwise format that gives a clear idea regarding chapter weightage. The NEET UG-2021 Question paper is added to the book to keep you updated with the latest pattern of the exam. Once you have finished the chapter, you can test your knowledge by answering questions from past exams. The book provides complimentary access to the digital replica of the complete content of the book at no extra cost.

  • 1. Units and Measurement
  • 2. Motion in a Straight Line
  • 3. Motion in a Plane
  • 4. Laws of Motion
  • 5. Work, Energy and Power
  • 6. System of Particles and Rotational Motion
  • 7. Gravitation
  • 8. Properties of Matter
  • 9. Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory
  • 10. Oscillations
  • 11. Waves
  • 12. Electrostatics
  • 13. Current Electricity
  • 14. Moving Charges and Magnetism
  • 15. Magnetism and Matter
  • 16. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
  • 17. Electromagnetic Waves
  • 18. Optics
  • 19. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
  • 20. Atoms and Nuclei
  • 21. Semiconductor Electronics : Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits
ISBN11 9789390931439
Edition 2021-22
Pages 300
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