Vedic Mathematics Online Classes and Book Set Basic Level

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Classes will start from 11th December 2023

*Start of Online Classes will be subject to Batch Completion

MTG is back with Vedic Mathematics Online classes where students will learn techniques & tricks to solve Math faster & in an easy manner. A set of 5 Vedic Math Physical books is also provided with these classes to practice challenging questions. These classes will help them calculate mentally and solve huge digits in mere seconds. These Basic level classes are for class 2 & 3 students where they get 10 interactive sessions and lots of practice questions.

1 × MTG Vedic Mathematics Vol-1 : Addition and Subtraction

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1 × MTG Vedic Mathematics Vol-2 : Multiplication

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1 × MTG Vedic Mathematics Vol-3 : Multiplication

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1 × MTG Vedic Mathematics Vol-4 : Squares of Numbers and Fun with Multiplication

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1 × MTG Vedic Mathematics Vol-5 : Squares of Numbers and Playing with 1

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1 × Vedic Mathematics Online Classes Level-Basic

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205 in stock

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MTG Vedic Mathematics Online Classes + A set of 5 Vedic Math Physical books is a complete package for students of class 2 & 3. Vedic Mathematics is the world’s fastest system to solve math and calculate 5 times faster. MTG online live classes course led by an expert will help your child with –

  • Techniques to Solve Math Faster
  • Eradicates Math Phobia
  • Creates Interest in Subject
  • Strengthens Math Concepts
  • Improves Academic Performance
  • Develops Memory, concentration, accuracy

This course has multiple benefits & features all mentioned below –

  • 10 live interactive session with an expert.
  • The physical set of 5 Vedic Math books will help in practicing challenging questions.
  • Vedic Math concepts are explained with simplicity & with easy to learn strategies.
  • A quiz of 10 questions after each session to assess your understanding.
  • Doubts solving can be done in class and through the student portal.
  • The course helps children to solve Math problems in an easy & faster way.

Days – Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Batch Timing – 5:00 – 6:00 pm