10 Years CBSE Champion Chapterwise-Topicwise Physics-Class- 12


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CBSE Champion Chapterwise-Topicwise Class- 12 consists of Topic-wise Graphical analysis of previous 10 years’ CBSE Board papers to get the reference of chapter weightage. Comprehensive theory with formulas and key features. Previous 10 years questions are segregated in Chapter-wise, Topic-Wise format and clearly categorised in VSA, SA, LA-I, LA- II with detailed solutions. The book comprises of Delhi, All India, Remote & Compartment papers. 10 Practice papers based on plan and blue print issued by CBSE Board are included.

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MTG has come up with a fully revised edition of 10 Years CBSE Champion Chapter-wise topic-wise –Physics for Class XII students to ensure complete practice material for their exam preparation. It contains chapterwise topicwise questions of previous 10 years’ CBSE Class 12 Physics examination with detailed solutions. For thorough practice and to help students evaluate their level of understanding, 10 practice papers have been given at the end of the book. All these practice papers are designed according to the new sample papers released by CBSE in September 2019. This year, the paper will have more number of objective type questions. These objective type questions include MCQs, match the columns, fill in the blanks, one-word answer type questions, assertion-reason type questions or some picture-based questions. All these changes have been reflected in all the practice papers of the book. Moreover, the book also includes the latest solved CBSE Physics Sample Paper with marking scheme for CBSE Board 2020.

Salient features includes the presence of :

  • Topic-wise Graphical analysis of previous 10 years’ CBSE Board papers’ questions (VSA, SA-I, SA-II, LA) to explain chapter weightage.
  • Comprehensive & lucid theory for quick recap.
  • Chapter-wise topic-wise questions and answers pulled from 10 years CBSE Delhi, All India, Foreign & Compartment papers.
  • 10 Practice papers based on design and blue print issued by CBSE Board.
  • Solved CBSE Sample Paper with marking scheme.
Table of Content:
  • 1. Electric Charges and Fields
  • 2. Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
  • 3. Current Electricity
  • 4. Moving Charges and Magnetism
  • 5. Magnetism and Matter
  • 6. Electromagnetic Induction
  • 7. Alternating Current
  • 8. Electromagnetic Waves
  • 9. Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
  • 10. Wave Optics
  • 11. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
  • 12. Atoms
  • 13. Nuclei
  • 14. Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits
  • 10 Practice Papers
  • CBSE Sample Paper 2019-20
ISBN11 9789389971378
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2020-21
Pages 468
Classes Class 12
Exams CBSE Boards
Subjects Physics
Weight 550gm


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