Class 10-100 Percent Exam Ready CBSE Board Term 1 Objective Question Bank English Language & Literature


100 Percent Exam Ready CBSE Board Term 1 Question Bank English Language & Literature is a must-have tool that provides the latest question analogy based on the most recent CBSE pattern. It strictly follows Competency-Based Education [CBE]. The book consists of all types of questions in the form of MCQs, similar to that to be asked in the CBSE Term 1 exam for various kinds such as Chapterwise MCQs, Case-based/ Source-Based/ Extract Based MCQs, and Assertion Reasoning MCQs, thus adding rigorous value to your preparation.

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MTG Editorial Board has created 100 Percent Exam Ready CBSE Board Term 1 Question Bank English Language & Literature to help students achieve high scores in CBSE Boards. The book follows Competency-Based Education [CBE] and covers the most recent CBSE Term-1 syllabus.
The book is itself a complete package as it provides the Curriculum for both theory and practical. In view to summarize the entire chapter- Recap Notes are provided. The book ensures a deeper understanding of the new exam format and prepares accordingly. Each chapter has ~100 MCQs, Case-based/ Source-Based/ Passage Based MCQs and Assertion & Reasoning MCQs. Hints and explanations are placed at the end of the book for every question that helps students understand each question accurately.

Table of Content: Section-A Reading Comprehension Section-B Writing and Grammar Letters Grammar 1. Tenses 2. Modals 3. Subject-Verb concord 4. Reported Speech (Direct-Indirect) 5. Dialogue Writing 6. Determiners Section-C Literature Prose (First Flight) 1. A Letter to God 2. Nelson Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom 3. Two Stories about Flying 4. From the Diary of Anne Frank 5. The Hundred Dresses-I 6. The Hundred Dresses-II Poetry (Poems) 1. Dust of Snow 2. Fire and Ice 3. A Tiger in the Zoo 4. The Ball Poem Supplementary Reader (Footprints Without Feet) 1. A Triumph of Surgery 2. The Thief's Story 3. Footprints Without Feet
ISBN11 9789391191634
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2021-22
Pages 136
Classes Class 10
Exams School Books
Subjects English
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