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Guide to SOF Level 2 Olympiads Preparation

Apart from your school exams, SOF Olympiads (NSO, IMO, IEO etc.) are the number one platform to showcase your academic expertise. The benefits of undertaking these Olympiads are countless. Firstly, you will get some competitive exam experience – solving papers under pressure! Secondly, if you do exceptionally in these Olympiads, you will receive Certificate of Merit/Excellence and cash prizes!

Level 2 Olympiads of IEO, NSO and IMO is on 11th February. This time is tough for children as well as for parents too. Parents should step in these Olympiads and help their children to prepare well for Level 2. It is not about coming up in top ranks, it is about helping them putting their best foot forward and respecting and acknowledging their effort.

SOF Level 2 Olympiads are going to be held on 11th February 2018 for NSO, IEO, IMO at over 500 centers across the globe. The qualifier to level 2 would include the top 5% class wise candidates who appear for the 1st level exam, top 25 rank holder’s class wise & zone wise, class topper where at least 10 students from a class appear in the Level 1 & scores 50% qualifying marks. (details available on www.sofworld.org)

Level 2 exam pattern is totally different from your school exams and follows an objective type pattern rather than subjective or other type of questions pattern. You can visit the official website of science Olympiad foundation www.sofworld.org to learn the exam pattern of your corresponding class.

The syllabus of level 2 Olympiads is same as level 1 Olympiads but the difficulty level will be higher than level 1 Olympiad. Level 2 Olympiads are conceptually tougher and comprehensive. Though many students qualify level 1 without any extra efforts or by just going through their school syllabus but appearing for level 2 Olympiads without preparation can be disheartening for students and may leads to exclusion.

Now, let’s have a look at the various Level 2 Olympiads offered by Science Olympiad Foundation along with some information, important tips on how to prepare for level 2 and much more.

SOF Level 2 International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)

The level 2 of International Mathematics Olympiad is conducted for students of classes 3rd to12th by Science Olympiad Foundation. IMO level 2 tests the concepts, domain of intelligence of a student across various topics of Mathematics. IMO level 2 exam is very challenging and requires advanced level of preparations. IMO level 1 result would be out in January end, so you have very less time to prepare for IMO level 2. Some of the parents are very eager to know the result of IMO level 1, it is advised here that parents should be confident about their children’s performance in IMO level 1 and start preparing them gradually for IMO level 2 without waiting for the IMO level 1 result to be out.

Following are some tips which will help you to crack International Mathematics Olympiad level 2 in more confident way:

  • The syllabus needs to be on your fingertips.
  • Know your weak areas and work on it till it becomes your strength.
  • Mark all questions that you are not able to answer and discuss it with your parents/ friends/ teachers regardless of blockage  in mind.
  • Practise sample papers as it will give you a fair idea about the pattern of exam, time limit and the type of questions asked.
  • Test your knowledge with MTG’s Level 2 Online Mock Test

Since MTG is the content partner for SOF, we suggest that you must have MTG’s IMO level 2 study materials to score well in level 2 Olympiad. For IMO level 2 MTG offers Previous years papersOlympiad Skill Development System (OSDS)Mock Test Series.

SOF Level 2 National Science Olympiad (NSO)

The level 2 of National Science Olympiad is organized for students of classes 3 to12. This exam is conducted at designated centers decided by the Science Olympiad Foundation. The result of NSO Level 1 was declared on 21 December 2018, so you have around 1 month to prepare for NSO Level 2. The syllabus of NSO level 2 is same as NSO level 1 Olympiad, so students need not to neglect the level 1 study material.

Many intelligent students could not secure good rank in NSO level 2, the reason is they lack the skills to attempt the paper. NSO level 2 is based on multiple concept application and multiple domain of intelligence, it is advisable to get enriched study material from some good publishers. As MTG publications is the content partner for SOF, so it will be best to use their study materials. MTG offers Previous years papersOlympiad Skill Development System (OSDS), Mock Test Series to prepare you excellent for NSO level 2 exam.

Olympiad Skills Development System (OSDS) is one of the best products of MTG for NSO level 2 Olympiad that helps in developing the exam taking skills among the students. OSDS is a downloadable test series of 5 papers and OMR sheet similar to the actual Olympiad and can be downloaded easily on MTG website.

SOF Level 2 International English Olympiad (IEO)

International English Olympiad or IEO Level 2 is being conducted for the first time by Science Olympiad Foundation for students of class 3rd to 12th. As first level IEO result was announced very late, qualifying students are left with very few days to prepare for the second level. Achieving success in IEO Level 2 is not a one or two days affair, it requires a lot of efforts and patience.

Here are few tips that can help you to score well in the second level of IEO:

  • Make a schedule and follow it strictly.
  • Do regular practise of Grammar, as it will bring you confidence and ability to attempt any question in English.
  • Get acquainted with latest exam pattern.
  • Gather all enhanced study material for the best guidance.
  • Practise sample papers.
  • Take Online Mock Test to check your level of preparedness.

MTG Publications is one such reputed name in the field of Olympiad’s study materials which has the best downloadable study material in the country. MTG provides Olympiad Skill Development System (OSDS) and All India Mock Test for IEO Level 2 Olympiad. OSDS is a downloadable test series of 5 Model Test papers with detailed answers and OMR sheets. All India Mock Test is a series of three papers based on the syllabus and pattern of IEO Level 2 with which a student can attempt the questions on computer (online).

All the best for Level 2 Olympiad!