NEET Sample Paper

National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test, or NEET, is a medical entrance test conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for the evaluation of aspiring students for various medical, dental, and allied courses in India. To assist the students in preparation for the same, MTG curates the NEET Sample Papers books that are based on the latest NEET syllabus 2025 and exam pattern.

NEET-UG is conducted for a total of 720 marks for which the students have to answer 180 Objective questions from Physics (45), Chemistry (45), Zoology (45) + Botany (45). Merit in this exam leads to admission to the desired medical seats for pursuing a medical career ahead.

To ensure that the students can perform well in the NEET UG 2025, MTG curates a wide range of NEET Books which, over time have become the No.1 choice of all the NEET Aspirants. The range of NEET Books created by MTG includes NEET Guides, NEET Champion, NEET Previous Year Papers, NEET Sample Paper Books, NEET Crash Course, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are NEET Model Test Papers important to Solve?

Solving NEET Model Test Papers or NEET Sample Papers helps you to improve problem-solving and time management skills which further helps you to complete the test in a strict time frame.

What is the right time to solve NEET Sample Papers?

As NEET Sample Papers are the sample of NEET Question papers, you can solve it all the time during the NEET preparation. But, this may be time-consuming if you are not thorough with the NEET syllabus. So, we recommend you solve sample papers every time when you want to evaluate your preparedness for the exam.

Solve NEET Sample Papers before starting your NEET-UG preparation and then keep solving them at regular intervals.

Reminder: Don’t forget to solve multiple NEET Sample Papers once you have completed the whole syllabus.

What is the best NEET Sample Paper?

The most appropriate NEET Sample Papers are the ones that make you familiar with the latest trends in NEET Exam. To start with, the best NEET Sample Papers will be designed in a way such that you will be able to solve them in an exam-like environment.

To get the best NEET Sample Papers, you can refer to MTG’s NEET Sample Papers.

Is solving only NEET Sample Papers enough to score high in the NEET-UG 2025 exams?

However, NEET Sample Papers are a crucial key for NEET preparations, they are not enough to secure a high rank in the exam.

If you really want to lock one of the prestigious seats to pursue higher education in the medical field, you must prepare for NEET beforehand by taking the help of best NEET Books and study resources.