Maths Olympiad (IMO) Books - 1

To excel in the SOF IMO Olympiad exam, effective preparation is crucial, and the best books play a pivotal role. Start by understanding the syllabus and exam pattern. Choose comprehensive and easy-to-follow study materials that cover all topics. The best olympiad books for class 1 will provide you with clear explanations, relevant examples, and practice questions. They will foster a deep understanding of concepts and boost problem-solving skills. Regular practice with these books enhances confidence and reduces exam anxiety.

Best SOF IMO Books for Class 1

For a winning preparation for the SOF IMO Olympiad best resources are essential. These best books are specifically designed to cater to the young minds of Class 1 students, making learning engaging and easy-to-grasp. Given below is a list of the best books for SOF IMO Olympiad for Class 1.

MTG Olympiad Prep-Guide Mathematics Class 1

Get Ready to Ace SOF IMO with MTG Olympiad Prep-Guide Mathematics! Perfect for Olympiad aspirants like you, this series has everything you need for IMO preparation. Join the journey of excellence with Olympiad Prep-Guide, your path to success! Following are some of it’s main features

  • Simple and Visual:
  • Comprehensive
  • Olympiad Bite
  • Achievers Section
  • Self-Tests and Exercises
  • Answer Keys
  • SOF IMO 2022
  • Model Test Papers

MTG International Mathematics Olympiad Work Book Class 1

Prepare with confidence for the upcoming SOF International Mathematics Olympiad 2024-25 with MTG’s specially curated IMO Workbook. Excel in SOF IMO 2024 Olympiad exam with this comprehensive resource. Some notable features of the book:

  • Chapter-wise MCQs
  • Achiever’s Section
  • Hints & Explanations
  • Latest IMO Paper
  • OMR Sheets
  • Interactive Language

MTG Mathematics Olympiad Previous 5 Years Papers Class 1

Get ready for the SOF IMO 2024-25 with MTG Olympiad Previous Years Papers for Class 1! Carefully curated by Math experts, this practice book helps students analyze their skills and improve preparation. Boost confidence and excel in SOF IMO Olympiad. Salient features of the book:

  • Previous Years’ Papers
  • Model Test Papers
  • OMR Sheets
  • Chapter-wise analysis
  • Answer keys

MTG IMO Olympiad Skill Development System (OSDS) Class 1

This book is best for a complete preparation of SOF IMO Olympiad. It’s comprehensive features will help you with an exam-like practice at the comfort of your home.

  • 8 x Practice test papers
  • 8 x OMR Answer sheets
  • 8 x Detailed Solutions

MTG IMO Online Test Package Class 1

This online test package is best for an in-depth practice of the SOF IMO Olympiad exam. Use this test package to get a comprehensive SOF IMO preparation. This package includes following features:

  • Chapter-wise test banks
  • 6 Level-1 Previous years’ papers
  • 6 IMO Level 1 mock tests
  • Custom Tests
  • Reports
  • Revision

MTG Know Your IQ Maths Class 1

The books focus on enhancing Mathematical Ability, Logical Reasoning, Visual/Perceptual, and Pattern Recognition skills, tailored to their age. Packed with chapterwise Math IQ questions, the series stimulates logical and creative thinking, encouraging observation, classification, recognition, comparison, and deduction abilities. Perfect for students preparing for International/National/State IQ tests, Psychometric tests, IMO, and other Olympiads/Talent Search exams. Embark on this enriching journey of intellectual growth.

MTG Maths Practice-cum-Workbook with NEP Guidelines Class 1

Introducing the Practice-cum Workbooks series for grades 1–8, a dynamic learning companion that embraces activity-based and comprehension-driven techniques. Aligned with NEP 2020 guidelines, these workbooks offer a wide range of skill-building questions, progressing in complexity. Encouraging learners to explore and apply concepts, this series fosters a strong foundation for academic excellence.

  • Riddle Time
  • Word Fun
  • Crossword
  • Tick (ü)
  • Fun Based Activity
  • Challenge
  • Quick Answers

MTG IMO Olympiad Power Pack Class 1

This all-inclusive combo includes a workbook and reasoning workbook to enhance problem-solving skills, Olympiad previous years papers for invaluable practice, and the Olympiad Prep-Guide for expert guidance. Additionally, the combo features the OSDS (One-Solution Different-Steps) technique for fostering innovative thinking. This is a super saver combo for a complete preparation of SOF IMO Olympiad exam for class 1.

Remember, the right books serve as trusted companions on your journey to success, unlocking your potential to tackle challenging problems and securing a brighter future. Always prioritize learning from trustworthy and authentic resources.