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About us

Established in 1982, MTG is an institution whose sole aim is to enable students to rise to their potential in the key areas of Science, Mathematics, English and Computers.

MTG provides student-centered educational approaches and support. It does this by producing and publishing relevant, exam appropriate course materials and workbooks which enable students to self-pace, self-study and self-evaluate their knowledge and grasp over their course matter and syllabus.

This real-life scenario allows students to see for themselves what their actual achievement level is, where more effort is required and how the student ranks against cohorts ahead of exams.

That MTG’s formula-for-success works is proven by the fact that over one crore students have benefitted by their guidebooks and workbooks which are now available in many countries.

The MTG focus

MTG focuses on what is all-important at a crucial stage in a student’s life. Competitive exams like JEE & PMT; Results of which enable a student to make a career choice and transit smoothly into the next phase.

The MTG formula

The saying ‘practice makes perfect’ is well known. MTG takes it to the next level.

Practice what has been perfected. Practice with MTG’s course-guides and workbooks.

Written by experienced and result-oriented teachers and educationists, they guide students through the curriculum effortlessly. Virtually handholding them through a step-by-step curriculum progression. So, stress is minimized while learning is maximized. Workbooks reinforce that understanding and learning with the practice of pertinent test paper like questions and problems.

Before the Boards

The many years before the Board exams are too valuable to waste. MTG helps here, too. By guiding students to reach scholastic milestones appropriate for their class.

MTG’s workbooks for primary students and supplementary study books for secondary and higher secondary students, make fundamentals easy to understand and give students firm grounding which helps deliver valuable results later on.

Easy to order

MTG e-books, guides, workbooks and other educational materials can be ordered through this site with payments now being accepted in five currencies.

The monthly magazines – Physics For You, Chemistry Today, Mathematics Today and Biology Today – beside hard copy subscription, are now available for subscription on global digital delivery platforms of Magzter, Readwhere and Rockstand. Even an interactive app called SOF Olympiad Trainer is available for iOS, Android and web platform.

Educationalists as editors

An internal and permanent team – 100 strong – researches, identifies and amalgamates courses, workbooks, Olympiad material and competitions.

This team is supplemented by experts from the fields of Science and includes academicians, teachers, doctors, and toppers from the previous years. All work seamlessly to put together the right material and the right ‘test’ papers which when mastered helps students achieve their personal scholastic goals.

The MTG advantage

Documented research shows there is no substitute for systematic and intelligent study when it comes to success especially in the competitive engineering and medical entrance exams.

MTG’s books, workbooks and magazines are developed based on the insight that students learn in different ways. And that students need different kinds of material to train depending on their individual challenges which is what our courses provide. The monthly magazines – Physics for You, Chemistry Today, Mathematics Today and Biology Today – are based on precisely this premise.

Those who want top-level all-round exposure and practice, continuously, get it through MTG’s Excel series. While the Objective Series helps students train with material that builds their analytical abilities so they work faster and more accurately.

MTG: beyond books

MTG encourages and supports initiatives aimed at discovering academic talent in students.

To this end, it is a sponsor of the National Science Olympiad, the International Maths Olympiad, the National Cyber Olympiad and a host of science workshops throughout the year.

To learn more about MTG, please email your queries to us on info@mtg.in


MTG Learning Media Pvt Ltd announces that the website address www.pcmbtoday.com of the company has been changed to www.mtg.in with effect from March 8, 2022.

For customers who have saved our website as a Favourite or Bookmark, please update your settings. However, any previously bookmarked page will safely be redirected to mtg.in page

The change was necessary as users are more friendly with the company name while searching for MTG books and Pcmbtoday.com create a sense of confusion as they landed on the right website. For ease and to make it more customer-friendly, we have undergone this change.

We will continue striving to make our website easier for customers to follow, and even more user-friendly than ever.