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General faqs

How secure is your website to make payment online?

The complete monetary transaction takes place on CCaAvenue’s website. Founded in 2001, CC Avenue is the largest Payment Gateway in India today and currently powers more than 85% of the e-commerce merchants in the country. This is a tried and tested payment gateway. Hence, you can make purchase with full confidence. Details about the authenticity of the payment gateway are available on www.ccavenue.com .

What kind of books are there in showcase?

We have various books, magazines, and ebooks for the preparation of Engineering / Medical Entrance Test / Olympiad exams / other Competitive exams. Catalogue is available on the left side of website with Heading “CATEGORY”. Please click on the required Category to view products available in the category and a click on the product will took you to the product information page. You can directly search the products class wise, category and subject wise by using “List Books” box adjacent to “CATEGORY”. Browse Catalogue available in the main menu can also be used to select category.

I wish to know the details about the product I want to purchase?

Product description has been provided with each Product. It is supplemented by table of content wherever required. Preview pages are also available with some products.  

How to Order the Products?

You can order MTG books / magazine/ ebook through online or offline mode. Click on the following link to know about it in detail How to buy

How can I make payment if I order a product online?

Payment for Online orders is made through Credit Card/ Debit Card or Net banking.
Complete step by step process is provided in the following link in the form of Video and Text.

I do not have Credit Card/ Debit Card or Net Banking facility. How can I purchase?

You can buy product through offline mode by making payment through Demand draft, Money order, or NEFT. Please click on the following link for details:

Where do I need to send the demand draft or money order?

Our correspondence address for all sort of communication is of Gurgaon only. You have to send the demand draft or money order at the following address:
MTG Learning Media Pvt Ltd,
Plot No. 99, Sector 44 ,
Institutional Area,
Gurgaon, Haryana – 122 003.
Click on the following for further details : How to buy

Demand Draft has to be drawn in whose favour and from which Bank?

Demand Draft can be drawn from any Nationalized Bank of India and has to be made in the favour of MTG Learning Media Pvt Ltd, payable at New Delhi.

Do I have the option of VPP/ COD ?

No, We do not send books through VPP and COD. For COD please check online shopping websites like Flipkart or Amazon.

Do I need to pay Shipping Charges also?

In case of online order shipping, charges will be automatically calculated and will be added in the total amount. In case of offline payment (DD/MO/money transfer) please calculate shipping charges through estimate shipping option.
Shipping is free for domestic orders worth Rs 1100/- or more (it is not applicable on magazines subscriptions and international oders).

I am a faculty and want to place a bulk subscription. Do you accept bulk orders on your website? If yes, how do you send the material then?

Yes, we do accept bulk orders. On the website, bulk orders are free of shipping charges hence, we cannot provide discounts more than what is available on the website. Moreover, books under bulk orders are not sent through couriers. We send the same by transport means.

Which email address/ password do I need to enter on the login page?

First time users need to create a new account by entering valid email id and set a new password to enable your account on www.mtg.in. For returning customers enter same email id and password used while opening the account.

I forgot my email id and password. How do I place an order?

Username on MTG website is your regular email id that you use on daily basis. For password click on forgot password provided under “Returning Customers”. Please enter email id in the Box and submit. A new password will be sent to you on your registered email id.

Every time I enter my email id and password in the log in field, status says not found or does not match?

Confirm that you are entering correct email id and password. Entries are case sensitive hence check for Caps Lock option on keyboard. If all factors are correct then try logging in again after clearing the browser’s cache memory. Else use forgot password option to reset your password.

How will you deliver the books?

Books are dispatched through courier/ speed post/ registered post to ensure timely delivery.

How much time it will take to deliver the books?

Ordered books are dispatched within 48 hours of order confirmation. Delivery depends upon the Shipping address and mode of dispatch. Courier deliveries take a maximum of 3 – 4 days in the metro and 6 – 7 days in small cities. Registered Post is used for areas where couriers do not deliver and it takes more time to deliver.

Is it possible to send the books to a different address other than the billing address?

Yes, it is possible. After confirming your online order on the payment selection mode page enter your shipping address in the Shipping address box. The books will be dispatched to the shipping address provided.

I am unable to complete my purchase, as I click on confirm order the page lands on ccavenue login?

This may be due to the usage of special characters in the address field. Erase all special characters from address details and then proceed to confirm the order. Even if you face the same problem, do call us for assistance or take help from Live chat support.

Do you publish any books / for Nursery / KG students?

No, currently we don’t have book for Nursery/KG students.

Which is the nearest Book Shop from where I can buy MTG books/ magazines?

Click on the link below to check the nearest bookshop.

Monthly magazines related faq’s

Please tell me the procedure to get lifetime subscription of MTG magazines.

We don’t have any option for lifetime subscription. The maximum duration for which one can subscribe for any MTG magazine/magazine combo is 3 years. Subscription, after 3 years can be renewed on receipt of fresh order with payment.

Is it possible to convert the subscription of printed magazines to the digital ones?

No, this is not possible. Neither there is any possibility of vice versa.

How can I subscribe to MTG’s digital magazines?

Digital magazines are available on digital newsstand like MAGZTERROCKSTAND, and READWHERE. You may purchase single issue or subscribe it for 1 year, 6 months or 3 months from these magazines stands.

I stay outside India. How can I subscribe to your magazines?

You can see a category showing Monthly magazine international. Just login on www.mtg.in, create account and make payment for desired scheme of magazine.

Is it possible to change the address in subscription because we are shifting to a new address?

Yes, it is possible. You can do so by sending us an email on info@mtg.in  or change of address application letter by post. While sending information through any of the mode, kindly mention your subscription number and previous address.

Can I change the duration of my subscription, even after receiving my first issue of magazine/s?

This is possible only if you want your subscription to  start from any previous month. For example, suppose you have subscribed for Biology Today from September 2013 to August 2014 and have already received the September issue. Now you want your subscription to start from May 2013 to April 2014, then yes, this is possible. We will dispatch all the previous issues i.e. May, June, July and August to you and will send future issues till April 2014. But we cannot  change the subscription period from November 2013 to October 2014

How can we get previous months’ / years’ issues of MTG magazines?

To get all the 12 issues of the previous year/years together, you can purchase the Bound Volume. Each year’s bound volume costs Rs. 300 for each subject. However, if you want to purchase previous month issues for current year then you can click on the magazine that you want to purchase and select the option: ‘Single issue shipping charges’ and select the month you want the magazine for from the ‘subscription start month’ drop down menu.

Are the magazines published by the name of Mathematics Today, Chemistry Today, Physics for You and Biology Today the same which are available in subscription / bound volumes?

Yes. Same magazines are made available as bound volumes after the end of every year.

Are the PCMB magazines available class-wise? Are the magazines useful for class 9 / 10 / 11 students?

Physics for you, Chemistry Today, Biology Today, and Mathematics Today are not available class wise. These cover class 11th and 12th syllabus meant for IIT/PMT preparation. We don’t advise 9th class students to subscribe to these magazines. However, class 10th students can take benefits out of them.

3 or 4 magazines should reach me every month under my subscription scheme. However I have received only 1 / 2 this month? When will I get rest of the issues?

Magazines in normal course are sent by book-post; each is posted separately. Hence, you  don’t receive all the magazines collectively. Subscribers opting for book post-delivery are requested to wait till 20th of the month to receive all the magazines.

How can we get discount on magazine subscription?

MRP of a magazine is Rs.40/-. Hence, subscription rates are already discounted. There is no additional discount on the magazine subscription.

How much extra I have to pay if I want my magazines to be dispatched by courier?

Following is the list of subscription charges with Book Post mode of dispatch.
Subscription type
9 Months
15 Months
27 Months
Individual Magazine P or C or B or M
Following is the list of subscription charges with Courier mode of dispatch.
Subscription type
9 Months
15 Months
27 Months
Individual Magazine P or C or B or M

What is the mode of dispatch for the magazines we have subscribed?

Magazine in the normal course are dispatched through Indian Post Office’s Book-Post mode. With a nominal additional amount the mode of dispatch can be converted to courier/registered post.

What is the difference between Book-post & courier mode?

If book post services are good in your area you may subscribe through book post. However, we always suggest a confirmed dispatch mode like courier/speed post. The benefits of choosing courier/speed post are: 1. You can track your order 2. The delivery is done maximum by the 10th of the month 3. All three/four magazines reach you at the same time. While in book post mode 1. Tracking is not possible 2. Delivery is done maximum by the 20th of the month. 3. If you subscribe to more than one magazine you will receive them separately and at different times. Hope this helps you in deciding the mode of dispatch for your subscription.

Payment and order related faqs

How can I find the status of my online order?

Please login to www.mtg.in using your account information and check the order status/history in “My account”.

In how much time will I get the amount back in my account in case of an Abandoned / Unsuccessful transaction (Transaction Failure)?

Amount is credited back by the payment gateway in coordination with the bank / card agency within a period of 48 hours to 3 weeks.
NOTE: Abandoned Transactions are likely to get confirmed within 48 to 72 hours. Refund process starts only when the transaction is in abandoned state even after 72 hours.

I have not received any order confirmation mail from your side though the amount that I transacted for is deducted from my account. What to do now?

You are requested to wait for 1-2 hours as sometime orders get registered on the website with some unavoidable delay. If you do not get any confirmation even after an hour or so, please feel free to contact us. Your order may have been put on hold/abandoned state due to some internet connectivity issue during processing.

How will we come to know that our online order is successfully placed?

After successful payment you will receive a mail from orders@ccavenue.com with the subject “Order No. XXXXXXXX3041705XXXX” from CCAvenue and another mail from PCMBtoday with subject “Order Confirmation No: XX7XX”
You are requested to refer to these order numbers for making any further query regarding that order.

In spite of entering all required information on your website to place an online order, instead of getting the option where I can make payment, system is repeatedly taking me to the page of http://www.ccavenue.com What to do?

The known reason for this type of problem is extra spacing or usage of special character in the address field. Kindly check your address for these issues and try placing the order again. If the problem persists contact our executives on our official numbers.

How can I find out about the ongoing discounts on the MTG website?

All the combos on discount are listed under the ‘combo packs on discount’ option mentioned under the Categories box given on the left hand side of our website. You can click on the same to find out about all the combos available on discount, whether Competitive exam books’ combo or Olympiad books’ combo.

Where do I get my redemption code from?

Coupons are the offers that we used to send to our customers. It is applicable only if you have been supplied with any. IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY, PLEASE IGNORE THE STEP RELATED TO THE REDEMPTION CODE.

I added more than 1 quantity by mistake. What to do now?

The shipping cart has options to edit the cart item. In the box of the respective book make the quantity 1 and update the cart. There is also a check box and a bin symbol with which you can remove the selected item in your cart.

I am interested in buying ebook, then why is your system asking me to fill the shipping details. Will I get the book at my shipping address?

No, if you have ordered only ebook then no hard copy of the book will be sent at your shipping address. Registration giving complete details is a onetime process to make your next purchases comfortable – be it physical book or e book.

I put a book in the cart and clicked Proceed to Pay, but the system is taking me to the page of http://pcmbtoday.com/index.php?main_page=login Why am I not getting the payment option?

The reason for this is that you are not logged in. To purchase a book online the system requires your address where books have to be shipped and email id where the order confirmation mail has to be sent. Hence, system prompts the login/registration form that has to be filled in.

I am trying to open www.mtg.in but the page is opening to www.pcmbtoday.com Is there a problem?

There is no problem. You are moving to the right website. www.pcmbtoday.com  is the older web address of MTG Learning media Pvt Ltd website www.mtg.in

Downloadable ebook related faqs

Please provide me the list of shops from where I can procure previous 5-year papers of NCO / NSO / IMO / IEO?

5 years/previous years’ papers of NCO/IMO/NSO/IEO are available only in the downloadable format. Hence, these are not available at any book shop. The only way to procure these papers are through our website i.e. www.mtg.in

If I purchase a wrong book, can it be replaced?

No. ebooks are non-replacable.

I ordered some ebooks but did not download instantly. How can I download them now? Or I purchased Olympiad previous years papers yesterday. Now, clicking on the link of the papers is prompting me to again buy these papers. Do I have to purchase these again? Or I ordered some ebooks but did not download instantly. Your download procedure says that to download the files later, first I have to log on to my MTG account with my registered username and password. But I never registered with MTG while purchasing. I bought the books from www.sofworld.org Now how can I download the ebooks?

Whatever link you followed to reach the previous years’ papers purchase page, you finally landed on www.mtg.in website where you registered yourself during the purchase process. Hence the download link gets activated for the ordered ebook in the customers’ account on www.mtg.in.
You have to log on to www.mtg.in first. Then, click on “My Account”. This will show you the current and past order details. Click on “View” button in The column next to your concerned ebook order details will take you to the download link.
Also, please note that there is a limit of 8 attempts within 7 days to download the ebook. The link will expire if you consume all 8 attempts. Link will expire after 7 days even if you still have attempts left.

I have not yet received the delivery of my ordered ebooks at my shipping address. When will we receive them?

Ebooks are available in the downloadable PDF format for which we do not send any hard copy. However, you can take the print of the downloaded files.

Online test series for jee/aipmt

In case I have some doubts who can I reach out for resolution and what will be the TAT for the same?

You may send the doubts on info@mtg.in and TAT is about 24-48 hours

What are the hardware and software requirements for the mock tests?

There are no specific requirements; it works on the internet browsers whether it’s a desktop or mobile.

Will the mock tests work on a low-bandwidth/dial up connection?

Yes, tests are very fast and work on slow internet connections as well.

Will I have access to previous year’s test papers and their answers?

Yes, more than 10 years previous year’s papers are available with detailed solutions.

Will there be any feedback provided on the online test performance?

Yes, you will get a detailed analysis of your performance.

Will I get solutions to the problems asked in the online tests?

Yes, explanatory answers are available for all the tests

When will the results of the mock tests be declared?

Immediately, soon after you finish and submit your test.

What is the syllabus in part/full syllabus tests in the online test series?

The details of the part/full syllabus in the online test series - Click here for JEE Tests Syllabus 
The details of the part/full syllabus in the online test series - Click here for AIPMT Tests Syllabus

How long before the actual exam should I start taking the mock tests?

Once you are confident that you are well prepared for the topic take the test. Complete test are recommended when you are through with your syllabus and confident enough to take the test. Preferred time is 3-4 months before the exams.

How will I get to know about my performance in the mock test?

You will get a detailed score card and performance analysis. Along with it you will also get to know how your peer performed in the tests. Your score will be compared  with the top five rankers and displayed.

Will there be revision notes provided before taking the tests?

No, revision notes are not provided. However, the detailed answer are very much explanatory in themselves.

Can I download the test papers?

You cannot download the tests for practice purpose. For performance analysis you may check in review result once you attempt these papers only once and that too online.

How many attempts can I take after purchasing the online mock test?

Only one attempt is allowed. However, you can review your report and revise the questions and detailed answers provided any number of times.

How many mock tests will be provided with this course?

The number of mock tests varies with the test package opted for.

What is the Total Test Duration?

The test duration varies from test to test and has been specified in the highlights segment of the product page.

Why should I buy an online test?

Online test series gives you on the spot test attempt result and lets you find out your weak areas to work upon. The exhaustive reporting system and comparison with peers helps you prepare better for exams.

Olympiad skill development (osds)

When will the OSDS be shipped to my billing address?

OSDS is an e-product where test papers delivered in pdf format in the membership area. This is not available in hardcopy hence this will not be shipped to your address.

What is OSDS?

OSDS is a Scientifically Designed System for sensitization of Olympiad Skills in the students. It stands for Olympiad Skill Development System. It’s a downloadable* series of tests prepared for giving practice to students appearing for the Olympiad exams.

How is the OSDS beneficial for Olympiad preparation?

OSDS test papers follow the level and pattern of the SOF actual Olympiad exams and hence it gives the student both a feel and practice of the real paper which is very useful.

I am not able to locate OSDS on MTG website?

You can locate OSDS in the Category option in the left column on www.mtg.in. You may also use browse catalogue or List books option to find OSDS.

What is the content of OSDS?

OSDS consists of 8 test papers prepared in the same manner as the SOF Olympiad papers. These papers are prepared by experts who earlier prepared SOF exam papers.Detailed solutions of all the test papers.OMR sheets for each paper to mark the answers to the questions thus inculcated the habit of using OMR sheet properly

Are these papers same as previous year papers or workbook questions?

No these question will be new one and will be based on the pattern and level of actual exam of that year. If there is any change in the pattern, we immediately incorporate those changes and provide the new pattern papers.

I have already purchase Workbooks, Real test papers, do I still need to purchase OSDS?

We will say Yes! OSDS provides you 8 sets of question papers with detailed answers and OMR sheet as per actual composition of exams. In workbook, you will get chapter wise questions and in Real Test Papers you have previous year papers which have changing pattern of exams. Practicing more and more updated practice paper are necessary as these are based on pattern, course, marking scheme and syllabus distribution which is identical to the actual tests that are held by Science Olympiad Foundation. It helps in understanding the present level of competition.

For which subject and classes OSDS is available?

OSDS is available for:
NCO – Class 1 – 10
NSO – Class 1 – 10
IMO – Class 1 – 10
IEO – Class 1 – 8

What is the cost of OSDS?

The cost is Rs 999 per subject per class.


No OSDS is not available in SOF OLYMPIAD TRAINER. But, if you are interested in online test SOF Olympiad Trainer has enough questions in chapter wise form, previous year’s papers form, and model test papers form for online Practice.

Why the cost is too high for simply eight set of papers that too in softcopy?

OSDS is a valued product. Our system uses a scientifically proven technique called Systematic De-sensitization to address and almost completely eliminate the problems that are the main causes of poor performance. You can check the complete usefulness of this product and the reason of its high value HERE.

How do I buy/subscribe for the OSDS?

Being a digital product under automatic activation, it is recommended to be purchased online. After successful purchase, the subscription gets activated automatically. For any exceptional case you may contact MTG helpdesk on 08800255335.

Can I make the payment through DD OR MO for OSDS?

This is not recommended, but in exceptional cases we do accept DD, NEFT and Bank Deposits.

From which book store, can I purchase this downloadable test series?

This downloadable test series is an exclusive MTG product and is available only on MTG’s official website www.mtg.in. You will not find this on any other website or bookstore.

So, how do I access the OSDS material?

After online purchase you will receive an activation/welcome mail with subject “Welcome to OSDS” on your registered mail id. So kindly mention correct email address without any spelling mistakes. The mail will be sent from mail id osds@mtg.in.

Why welcome/activation mail is important?

It’s important because: It contain the website address of OSDS membership area Username and Password to login to the membership area and download the papers It also contains the schedule of test papers availability and the content expiry date.

What if I don’t remember the schedule or forget about the dates?

You will receive a reminder mail for all the papers which are to be delivered, on your email id according to the schedule given in the welcome mail.

What If I check the content mail late or delete it by mistake?

Content mail is just an information mail to keep you informed about the test paper being uploaded. It has the direct link of that day’s paper. In case you miss it you can always check your member’s area to check if any paper has been uploaded. Since content mails are sent following the schedule mentioned in the ‘WELCOME MAIL’ you can always check the schedule in the welcome mail to know if the content has been uploaded on the member’s area or not.

If I joined late, will I get the full content of OSDS?

A person who subscribes late will get the previous papers in his membership area and rest of the papers as per the schedule. If he joins after the schedule is over he will receive all the content together in the MEMBER’S AREA. In such cases, he will not receive the reminder content mail for past papers. He will only receive the welcome mail.

I have receive the welcome mail but not able to login to the membership area?

To login to membership are please check You are on https://osds.mtg.in/cds/ - the Url is case sensitive hence it should be in smaller case only. You are entering the same mail id that you used during the purchase of OSDS Password is case sensitive, hence are you using the same alpha numeric combination as given in welcome mail? If even after this you are not able to access, we request you to clear the systems cache memory and try login again. For any assistance feel free to contact MTG helpdesk on 08800255335

I haven’t received the WELCOME MAIL?

It takes an hour to receive the WELCOME MAIL after you place the order online.In some cases of online order where the payment gets stuck the welcome mail may be received within 48hrs. Kindly check your Spam box or Junk Mail as sometimes the Welcome Mail lands there instead of your Inbox. You can type osds@mtg.in in your search box inside your mail box to search for the WELCOME MAIL as it’s sent from this address only. If still you are not able to find the welcome mail do contact MTG helpdesk on 08800255335

There is no link to download the test papers in the Welcome Mail?

The links to download the test papers aren’t provided in the welcome mail. It only contain credentials to access membership area.

What is the Member’s area or Membership site?

The member’s area or membership site is a micro site specifically made for OSDS subscribers. This page contains the USERNAME and PASSWORD boxes in which you have to fill in the details provided in the WELCOME MAIL and CONTENT MAIL to access the OSDS material.

I am logged in and opened first set, there is no solution available to this papers. How will I get the detail answers?

As the delivery process given in the welcome mail, the solution of the 1st paper will be sent with the 2nd papers and so on, you will find the answer 1st papers in the link of second papers and answer of second paper in the link of third paper and so on.

Is the material available forever on the Member’s Area?

No, the material is available till the expiry date mentioned in the Member’s area. After which the links to download the test papers, solutions and OMR sheet expires.

Where do I report the content related issue?

For content related issue please send us a mail on info@mtg.in with the subject line “OSDS Content Issue”.

Real test papers (rtp)

Is it based on NCERT or ICSE syllabus?

The syllabus is same as that of Olympiads conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation.

What are Real Test Papers?

Real Test Papers are Previous 5 Years Papers for National Science Olympiad and International Mathematics Olympiad available in hard copy format.

What is the content of RTP?

The 100% RTP contains:
Previous years’ SOF papers – 7 Nos.
Model test papers – 3 Nos.
OMR sheets – 20 Nos.
Detailed solutions booklet - for all 10 papers.
SOF Notebook.
Information Brochure on Olympiad exams along with Report Sheet.

What is the price of RTP?

The cost for RTP is Rs 500 per subject per class.

RTP are for which classes?

RTPs are currently available for the class 1 to 8 for National Science Olympiad and International Mathematics Olympiad.

What is the difference between eBook instant download papers and RTP?

Both contains 5 years Previous Years Papers. EBooks Instant download papers are previous year papers in softcopy format. Answers are available in the key format. However RTPs are available in Hard Copy/Physical format. RTPs have detail solutions for the questions. In addition, RTP has three model test papers which are not available in the eBooks.

How many papers are there in eBook past papers and RTP?

Both have 5 years papers. However, RTP also have 3 sample papers.

How many questions are there in each paper or set?

Since these are previous year’s papers the pattern and number of questions/sections will be same as that year’s Olympiad exam.

Why is RTP so expensive?

RTPs are available in the small booklet form. The papers are available in the exact Olympiad paper format to give an actual feel to the students. Moreover, details answers are also given for all the previous year papers and model test papers.

Where do I need to send the OMR sheet to get the result?

OMR sheet are provided only for the practice. These are for self-assessment. You are suggested to attempt the papers in exam like environment by filling the OMR sheet and then check the result by comparing with the answers available in the kit.

How RTPs are useful?

The 100% RTP gives students a definite edge in their preparation for the Olympiads by the following: Solve the past years’ actual papers, compare their answers with detailed solutions provided, identify and improve on their weak areas. More important, RTP provides them model Olympiad papers containing expected questions based on the Syllabus, Sample papers and past trends. Detailed solutions are also provided to enable students revalidate their preparation and write the Olympiads with confidence and decided advantages.

Is there any discount on RTP?

The discount, if applicable will be notify on the website (www.mtg.in).

Will shipping be charged on 1 set?

Shipping will be charged as per the weight and delivery address. Shipping will be free on order value equal to or more than Rs 700.

Does RTP have solutions?

Yes, RTP has detailed solution for previous year papers and model test papers.

What is the procedure to buy?

hat is the procedure to buy?
One can buy RTP through online or offline mode as per one’s convenience. The procedure of online and offline purchase is mentioned on “HOW TO BUY” link.

In how many days RTP will be dispatched to customer?

Product will be dispatch within 24-48 hours after placing the order in working days. The delivery of the product may take 3-10 days depending on the mode of dispatch (courier or registered post).

In case of mistakes or errors in RTP where should I mail to?

In case of reporting any content related issue, one can send an email on editor@mtg.in.

I have already purchased the eBooks. How can I convert my order of eBook to RTP?

This is practically not feasible. The complete replacement cannot be done. However, we can offer you 50% discount on purchase of RTP. Please contact our customer care for this.

SOF olympiad trainer

Can I use the same login on three devices at the same time?


What is SOF Olympiad Trainer?

SOF Olympiad Trainer is the online and mobile platform for the preparation of Olympiads in Maths, Science, English and Computers.

Who prepared the content of these package?

The content is prepared by MTG Editorial Board. MTG has also prepared various workbooks, OSDS, and other material for SOF Cyber, Mathematics Science and English Olympiads.

What are the features of the SOF OLYMPIAD TRAINER platform?

SOF Olympiad Trainer is an excellent platform for the students preparing for the Olympiads.
1. It gives flexibility to take a chapter any number of times
2. Custom Test Feature let you create test based on your wish (which chapter combination you want)
3. Grade you on the basis of difficulty level. Also let you select the level of difficulty while creating the tests.
4. Monitor and give record of each and every attempt in the report section.
5. Summarize the percentage of content you have covered per package.
6. Enable you interact with the peers to get your queries solved (through forum)
7. Gives you a feeling of competition and inspire you to compete for the top rank in Leader Board.
There are many more feature in SOF OLYMPIAD TRAINER. Just login and explore more.

What all is available in SOF Olympiad Trainer?

SOF Olympiad Trainer contains:
• Chapter wise Test bank covering Olympiad Syllabus
• 4 Previous Year papers
• 3 Full Length Model Test Papers

Which subjects it covers?

SOF Olympiad Trainer offers packages for Class 1 to 10 in Science, Mathematics, Computers and English.

Last Year I saw and subscribed mock test papers before the exams of NCO, IMO and NSO exams. Where do I get those papers?

Mock test papers are not available currently. These will be launched a month before exam. So keep visiting the site for details.

Is it helpful for the other Olympiads also or only specific for SOF Olympiads?

Yes, this is helpful for other Olympiads also. Since the syllabus in the Olympiads is class specific, practicing questions in SOF Olympiad Trainer will help you prepare for other Olympiads also.

What is the price of these packages?

The Price depends on the package you purchase. The prices may range from Rs 120 – 1000+ based on the subscription you are taking.

What is the procedure to register in this?

To register you need to create account on www.sofolympiadtrainer.com. The complete process of registration is given on: You tube link.

Is everything paid on this?

Package are paid one. However, sample papers are free. You can create login and attempt these sample papers.

I don’t have internet connection, how do I get the benefit of these tests?

This online testing is available as web application as well as mobile application. In mobile application you can attempt the tests in offline mode also.

If I register on app can I use it on my desktop?

Yes, Absolutely. All the platforms are in sync. Once created account you can access the content on any platform – web or android of IOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

Is this useful for LEVEL 2 exams also?

Yes. These products are helpful for level 2 exams. During the Level 2 exams, some additional material will be released. SOF OLYMPIAD TRAINER students who qualify for level 2 will get special discount on Level 2 materials.

Till what time the package I bought can be used? Is there any expiry date?

The package has validity up to 31st March of the next year.

Is the content of chapter wise question bank a repetition of workbook question?

Not exactly! But some of questions will be same as that of workbooks. But, the questions comes in a random manner and hence, with every attempt you will get a different sequence of questions.

If I already have previous year papers/Real Test Papers, workbook, OSDS, why do I purchase this?

We would suggest you to purchase the same. The benefits of using SOF Olympiad are many:
• The content and preparation for Olympiads emphasises on application based learning.
• Regular practice improves child’s chance to enter 2nd level Olympiads.
• Teaches children time management.
• Help children overcome anxiety and attempt the main exam with calm and confidence
• Practice makes us perfect, so eventually it reduces the amount of careless mistakes which children make while reading and attempting mcq based exams.
• Model Tests are a great way to increase child’s confidence and benchmark against last year cut-off’s.
• Helps nurture the habit of self-study.
• Available anytime, anywhere on web or in mobile application.

Is the online test package available on MTG are same as that available on www.sofolympiadtrainer.com ?

Yes, both are one and the same thing. You can purchase it from any site.

If I subscribe test from MTG how long will it take to activate my account?

It takes 24 hours to activate the account if you purchase it from www.mtg.in

What if I purchase the same from www.sofolympiadtrainer.com ?

The package gets immediately active after successful payment if you purchase the same from www.sofolympiadtrainer.com

My amount is deducted but my package is still showing “Buy” status. What do I do?

Please wait for 24 hours in such case. You need to send us a mail giving you complete details and Transaction number on mail id info@sofolympiadtrainer.com and info@mtg.in .

Is there any discount available on COMBO purchase?

There is no fixed discount available. The discount offers runs time to time. If you have downloaded the mobile app, you will receive the notification of the offers.

Is this possible to purchase only the question bank or model tests or previous year’s papers?

Yes you can purchase these things separately also. But, such purchases can be done from www.sofolympiadtrainer.com only.

Can I download the paper in pdf format?

No, material available on the SOF OLYMPIAD TRAINER is for attempting test on the interactive platform only. Test Papers cannot be downloaded in the pdf format.

I am a teacher and I like this product for students of my schools. How can I make a purchase of bulk subscription?

We do offer bulk logins to schools. For purchasing bulk login, please write us a mail to info@sofolympiadtrainer.com or call us on 09313982863.

How to access powerpack content for level 2

How to Access Powerpack Content for Level 2

Level 2 Power pack consists of following  three or four products. All the material available in Power pack are Digital. The procedure to download them are different. Please follow the given procedure to access – Previous years papers, OSDS or All India Mock Test Series INSTRUCTIONS TO DOWNLOAD PREVIOUS YEARS PAPERS EBOOKS. To download the Previous Years Papers ebook you purchased, 1 log in to your MTG account first by clicking Log In available on the top right-hand corner of our website’s page. 2. Then click on “My Account”. This will show you the current and past order details. 3. Click on “View order details'' button in the column next to your concerned ebook order 4. Click on download button to download the ebook. There is a limit of 8 attempts within 7 days to download any MTG ebook. The link will expire if you consume all 8 attempts. Link will expire after 7 days even if you still have attempts left. INSTRUCTIONS TO DOWNLOAD OLYMPIAD SKILL DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM (OSDS). 1. Search for welcome mail (containing link, username and password to access OSDS in Inbox or Spam Folder of your registered mail ID 2. Your registered mail ID is that which you entered on www.mtg.in while purchasing OSDS 3. Welcome mail is sent from osds@pcmbtoday.com soon after this Order Confirmation mail is sent to you 4. All OSDS content is made available for download in OSDS on https://pcmbtoday.com/cds/login. INSTRUCTIONS TO ACCESS ALL INDIA MOCK TEST SERIES Mock test are online test that are available on www.sofolympiadtrainer.com. Kindly follow the given procedure to attempt the mock test you purchased: 1. Search the mail from info@sofolympiadtrainer.com in your registered email inbox/spam box 2. Login details are available in this mail. 3. Use these login details on www.sofolympiadtrainer.com and open the dashboard. 4. You may attempt the test by clicking on the test name/open. For OSDS and SOFOLYMPIADTRAINER if you are not able to locate password, please regenerate new password by using "FORGET PASSWORD REQUEST". 

Gift Certificate Query

How to redeem a Gift Certificate online?

To redeem your gift certificate online, please follow these steps:
  1. Visit mtg.in and log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to "My Account," then click on "GC Balance."
  3. Enter your gift certificate code in the provided field. Remember, the code is case sensitive, so enter it exactly as shown.
  4. Click the "Redeem" button to apply the balance to your account.
Process to purchase using Gift Certificate
  1. Add the items you wish to purchase to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  2. On the checkout page, you'll see an option labeled “ENTER GIFT CERTIFICATE AMOUNT.” Enter the amount you wish to apply from your gift certificate and click "APPLY".
  3. Note: Please ensure you apply your gift certificate amount before you proceed to the payment options. Do not attempt to enter the gift certificate code on the payment checkout page.
  4. If your order total exceeds the amount on your gift certificate, you can pay the remaining balance using a debit card, credit card, net banking, or other UPI options.
If you experience any issues with your code or if it’s not accepted, please contact our support team via chat, call at 8800020896, or email us at gifts@sofworld.org for assistance.

How to redeem a Gift Certificate in offline mode?

You would have received a complete kit containing Gift Certificate, Order Form and return envelope. If it is not convenient for you to redeem Gift Certificate online you may use the following procedure to redeem the Gift Certificate in offline mode:
  1. Tick all the books or the E-Books you wish to purchase in the books order form. You need to send it to our office address:
    1. Address: Science Olympiad Foundation, Plot no. 99, Sector-44, Gurugram- 122003, Haryana.
  2. Please ensure that all details must be dully filled in the order form. Incomplete entries may result in the delay dispatches.
  3. All physical books will be dispatched to your address.
  4. All ebooks will be mailed to your email id.
Please note that you can order only those books that is listed in the order form in offline mode. For any query feel free to contact us on 0124-6601200/8800020896.

How to check GC balance in the MTG Account?

To check your GC Balance amount, kindly follow the steps:
  • Log in to your account on our website: mtg.in.
  • Go to MY ACCOUNT and click the GC BALANCE
  • The balance amount will be reflected there.

How much time will take to deliver the books in offline mode?

Books are typically dispatched within 3 to 4 weeks after receiving your order form. Dispatch details will be sent to the registered mobile number or email address you provided. The delivery timeline depends on the shipping address and the mode of dispatch. For metro areas, courier deliveries usually take about 3 to 4 days, while deliveries to smaller cities may take 6 to 7 days. In regions where courier services are not available, we use Registered Post, which may take longer to deliver.

How you will send the ebooks purchase through offline mode?

Ans- E-books will be mailed from info@mtg.in to the email ID mentioned in the order form.

Can we convert the GC balance into cash?

No, GC balance cannot be exchanged for cash or clubbed with any other prevalent offer.

Can we use GC partially in more than one order?

While you redeem GC in your online account on mtg.in website, you may use it in multiple transactions. For offline purchases, GC has to be consumed in one order only. Multiple forms will not be allowed for in this case.

Can GC orders be delivered overseas?

We offer overseas delivery exclusively for orders placed online. Our website will automatically calculate the shipping charges for these orders. If you are making a purchase offline using a Gift Certificate, please provide a domestic address, as we do not ship overseas for offline orders.  

After redeeming the code where and how to use GC balance while placing an online order?

After redeeming gift certificate amount in the account on mtg.in, please follow the given steps
  • Login to your account on mtg.in,
  • Select the products according to your Gift Certificate amount
  • Add books to your cart
  • Click on proceed to pay
  • Now on the checkout page just type the total amount under the “ENTER GIFT CERTIFICATE AMOUNT” box
  • Click on APPLY.
If your order total exceeds the amount on your gift certificate, you can pay the remaining balance using a debit card, credit card, net banking, or other UPI options.

Is the GC balance applicable to purchases from other websites?

No, GC balance can only be used for purchases on www.mtg.in.

When is the last date to redeem the Gift Certificate?

Gift certificates can be redeemed by the end of the academic year, which is March 31st of the following year. Since new gift certificates are issued annually, please ensure to check the validity date on your gift certificate to confirm its expiration.

When is the last date to purchase the books using a Gift Certificate?

If you have successfully redeemed the Gift Certificate on mtg.in on or before 31st March, you can use the gift balance till 31st May of that year. After this date the Gift balance will be lapsed forever.

How can we redeem Gift certificates if it is expired?

Gift certificates are issued with an expiry date which is mentioned on them, and you are required to use them before this date. However, if there are special circumstances that prevent you from using your gift certificate before it expires, you may request an extension. Please send your request along with the reason for the delay to gifts@sofworld.org. Our team will review your case and notify you of their decision.

Can we cancel GC-applied orders?

Please note that orders made using a gift certificate cannot be cancelled. The amount on the gift certificate is meant for single use only; once applied, it cannot be refunded or credited back to your account. We advise you to reconsider your decision carefully before proceeding with a cancellation request, as the amount on the gift certificate will be forfeited.

Can we purchase both physical and digital products by using GC?

Please note that you can order only those books that is listed in the order form in offline mode, it can be physical books or ebooks.