NEET Biology Books

The NEET UG Biology (Zoology and Botany) section will comprise 90 questions – 45 questions from Botany and 45 from Zoology,  that cover various topics such as Cell Biology, Principles of Biotechnology, Plant Physiology-II, Genetics II – Nucleic Acids, Anatomy of Flowering Plants. A thorough understanding of these subjects is imperative for performing well in the NEET biology exam. As the questions cover a wide range of difficulty levels, a well-rounded preparation is crucial, including the selection of the most relevant and up-to-date NEET biology books.

Best Biology Books for NEET | 2025 Exams

To excel in your NEET Biology exams, it is essential to solve sample questions and clearing essential concepts. Therefore, selecting the best biology books for NEET preparation is important which will provide thorough explanations of key concepts and ample exercise questions is vital. Here’s the list from MTG

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