Maths Olympiad (IMO) Books - 8

The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) is an annual competition that aims to identify and acknowledge talented students in the field of mathematics. It is crucial for Class 8 students to develop a strong foundation in mathematics, as it forms the basis for various subjects and careers. To excel in IMO, students require the right resources, and the best IMO books for Class 8 can provide them with essential practice and preparation material.

Best IMO Books for Class 8

The best IMO books for Class 8 include comprehensive coverage of mathematical concepts, a clear explanation of topics, and a wide variety of practice exercises. These books should include both theory and examples to help students grasp the concepts effectively. Moreover, they should provide ample practice questions with step-by-step solutions and explanations to foster a deeper understanding of mathematical reasoning and problem-solving techniques. Additionally, the best IMO books should also include previous years’ IMO questions, sample papers, and mock tests to help students familiarize themselves with the exam pattern and gain confidence.

MTG Olympiad Prep-Guide Mathematics – Class 8

For comprehensive preparation for the SOF IMO Olympiad for Class 8, this prep guide is the best book. Following are some of the book’s notable characteristics.

  • Visual aids such as diagrams, charts etc.
  • Covers CBSE, ICSE, IB, and other board syllabuses.
  • Additional math facts to enhance knowledge.
  • Challenging HOTS questions for lateral thinking.
  • Multiple practice tests with answer keys.

MTG International Mathematics Olympiad Work Book – Class 8

The MTG International Mathematics Olympiad Workbook for Class 8 serves as the way for extensive practice which is highly needed to prepare for SOF IMO Olympiad 2023-2024 win.

  • Chapter-wise MCQs.
  • Additional achiever’s section.
  • Hints and explanations.
  • Latest 2023-2024 IMO exam pattern.
  • OMR practice sheets.

Mathematics Olympiad Previous 5 Years Papers – Class 8

Excel in SOF IMO 2023 with a wholesome practice of the previous 5 years of SOF IMO Olympiad papers. It will help Class 8 students understand the exam pattern and get familiar with the exam. Master the Olympiad effortlessly with its unique features:

  • 10 Previous Years’ Papers.
  • 2 Model Test Papers.
  • OMR Practice Sheets.
  • Chapter-wise analysis.
  • Answer keys with hints and explanations.

MTG IMO Olympiad Skill Development System (OSDS) – Class 8

This book is perfect for preparing for the SOF IMO Olympiad, providing comprehensive features for practice at home. It includes various tools and materials to fully prepare students for the exam.

  • 8 x Practice test papers
  • 8 x OMR Answer sheets
  • 8 x Detailed Solutions

MTG IMO Online Test Package – Class 8

Prepare for the SOF IMO Olympiad confidently with our online test package. Get thorough practice and complete preparation to excel in the exam. Our comprehensive features guarantee success and enhance your confidence for a stellar performance.

  • Chapter-wise Question bank.
  • 6 Level-1 Previous years’ papers of SOF IMO. (2017-2022)
  • 6 IMO Level 1 mock tests with SOF exam pattern for practice.
  • Custom self-made tests
  • Practice and revision.

MTG Maths Practice-cum-Workbook with NEP Guidelines – Class 8

MTG Practice-cum Workbooks use activity-based and comprehension-driven techniques to promote dynamic learning in line with NEP 2020 guidelines. These workbooks contain skill-building exercises with increasingly challenging questions, allowing for dynamic practice.

  • Solve fun riddles
  • Word Fun and crossword
  • Tick (ü): multiple-choice questions
  • Fun-Based Activity
  • Tackle complex questions
  • Answers and Explanation

MTG IMO Olympiad Power Pack – Class 8

The MTG IMO Olympiad Power Pack – Class 8 is a value-for-money resource that combines workbooks, previous years’ papers, and expert guidance for comprehensive preparation. With enhanced problem-solving skills and effective practice, students can approach the SOF IMO Olympiad with confidence and excel in the exam. This combo contains:

  • International Mathematics Olympiad Work Book – Class 8
  • Mathematics Olympiad Previous 5 Years Papers – Class 8
  • Olympiad Prep-Guide Mathematics – Class 8
  • IMO Olympiad Skill Development System (OSDS) – Class 8
  • Olympiad Reasoning Work Book – Class 8
  • Maths Practice-cum-Workbook with NEP Guidelines – Class 8
  • Maths Practice-cum-Workbook Solution – Class 8

MTG Know Your IQ Maths – Class 8

These books are designed for different age groups and they help improve skills in math, logic, visual perception, and pattern recognition. Each chapter has math questions that stimulate logical and creative thinking and help with observation, classification, recognition, comparison, and deduction abilities. These books are great for students preparing for IQ tests, psychometric tests, math competitions like the IMO, and other talent search exams. They offer an enriching experience for intellectual growth.

Investing in the best IMO books can greatly benefit Class 8 students by enhancing their problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and mathematical aptitude. These books not only guide students in their preparation for the IMO competition but also help them in building a strong foundation in mathematics, which will be advantageous throughout their academic and professional journey.