CBSE Books

MTG is one of the best publishers of CBSE Books. It strives to provide quality education in an age-appropriate, student-friendly language. MTG provides the best CBSE Books based on the NCERT curriculum.

CBSE Books
Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the Board of Education governed by the Government of India. With the sole aim of providing a common platform of education for Indian students, the CBSE was officially established in 1962.
CBSE is the standard education board of the country. Almost all the schools that are affiliated with the CBSE Board follow the NCERT Curriculum. Thus, all the competitive exams, such as NEET, JEE, NTSE, are conducted based on the curriculum followed by CBSE. One can go through the wide range of NEET and JEE exam books to analyse the similarity of the syllabus of CBSE with that of the competitive exams.

Why MTG books?

MTG is one of the best publishers of CBSE Books. It strives to provide quality education in an age-appropriate, student-friendly language. MTG provides the best CBSE Books based on the NCERT curriculum, which further helps in the preparation of NEET & JEE.
Through the MTG web store, one can also explore the wide variety of best books for themselves and buy CBSE Books Online without any hassle. One can completely trust MTG Books to hit the right dart in any exam because,
• The books strictly follow the NCERT syllabus and also ensure to provide extra-curricular knowledge in a fun way.
• MTG ensure to keep up with the latest exam trends and keeps updating their study resources accordingly.
• The books are curated interactively to ensure fun learning sessions for the students.

Which Board is better in India, CBSE or ICSE?

Both CBSE & ICSE Boards have their significance. The CBSE board focuses on compact learning and thus provides fewer subjects in an easier language. Whereas, ICSE Board focuses more on the student’s overall development, therefore covering many subjects.

The majority of schools across the country adopt the CBSE Board, and in terms of syllabus, acceptance, and marking system, the CBSE Board is preferred over ICSE Boards.

How to prepare for the CBSE Board exams?

The CBSE Board exams can be a major cause of stress if one doesn’t know how to prepare. Below are some tips that you must include in your preparation strategy.
1. Follow a proper scheduler.
2. Know the pattern and syllabus of the upcoming exam.
3. Always start with the NCERT syllabus.
4. Practice as much as possible.
5. Practice CBSE-based Question Banks.
6. Solve CBSE sample papers.
7. Don’t let stress rule upon your preparation schedule.

What is the last moment practice tips for Class-10th students?

Below mentioned two things play a crucial role while doing the last moment preparation.
a. Thoroughly understand the guidelines for writing the CBSE Board exam.
b. Solve CBSE class 10 Sample papers based on the latest exam patterns.

What is the difference between CBSE & ICSE syllabus?

Unlike ICSE Board, CBSE focuses more on the compactness of study material and thus features fewer subjects.
The major difference between CBSE and ICSE is that CBSE focuses more upon theoretical knowledge, while ICSE board focuses upon practical knowledge.
CBSE emphasizes the learning of Mathematics and Science. On the other hand, ICSE emphasizes equally other subjects such as arts, psychology, etc.

Are CBSE Books enough for IIT JEE preparation?

Yes. Almost all competitive exams, including IIT-JEE, are based upon the CBSE syllabus. Studying from the best CBSE books for JEE Main and JEE Advanced is enough to ensure a good score in JEE Main & Advanced.

Are NCERT and ICSE textbooks the same?
No. CBSE and ICSE Boards follow an entirely different curriculum. Thus, the textbooks for the two boards also varies. However, ICSE Board students may need the CBSE books if they are willing to sit in competitive exams such as NEET or JEE.

What are Class-12th CBSE Board exam tips and suggestions?CBSE Class-12th Board exams are the deciding point of the future carrier for any student, and every exam taker must take some suggestions seriously while they are in the preparation phase.
1. Every student must study the best CBSE books. The books can be determined the best if they explain the concepts in an easy language.
2. Practising must be the most emphasized part while preparing for the boards. Study from elaborative resources so that you do not miss out on any concept. Solve the best sample papers for class-12th.
3. Stay away from the “competitive syllabus” as the CBSE exams are near closer, as it may confuse your preparation approach.

Have any sample papers for the academic year 2022 been released by the board?
Yes, the CBSE sample papers for 12th Boards & 10, Term 1 and 2 for the academic year 2021-22 have been released by CBSE.