Maths Olympiad (IMO) Books - 5

The SOF IMO, which stands for Science Olympiad Foundation International Mathematics Olympiad, is a prestigious global examination that not only assesses class 5 students’ mathematical skills and critical thinking abilities but also aims to foster a love for mathematics among young learners and encourages them to approach problem-solving from various perspectives. It provides an exciting opportunity for class 5 students to nurture and showcase their mathematical prowess on an international platform. Go for comprehensive Math olympiad books for class 5 covering all topics, offering clear explanations, relevant examples, and practice questions.

Best IMO Books for Class 5

The best Math Olympiad books for class 5 are essential for effective preparation, providing comprehensive content and practice materials to enhance mathematical abilities and problem-solving skills. These books offer in-depth explanations, chapter-wise practice, and previous years’ papers, ensuring students are well-equipped to excel in the challenging Olympiad exam. They play a vital role in guiding students towards success and building a strong foundation for academic excellence.

Olympiad Prep-Guide Mathematics – Class 5

Achieve excellence in the SOF IMO Class 5 with this comprehensive prep guide, tailored for acing the IMO Olympiad 2023. It’s your ultimate resource for preparation, practice, and revision, equipped with all the necessary features to ensure success.

  • Easy-to-understand chapters with visuals and diagrams.
  • Covers CBSE, ICSE, IB, and other board syllabuses.
  • Extra math facts to enhance knowledge.
  • Challenging HOTS questions for lateral thinking.
  • Multiple practice tests with answer keys.

International Mathematics Olympiad Work Book for Class 5

MTG International Mathematics Olympiad Workbook for Class 5 unlocks a world of math challenges, honing problem-solving skills for success in the prestigious International Mathematics Olympiad. It’s the key to excel and achieve greatness in the Olympiad journey.

  • Organized chapter-wise MCQs.
  • Additional achiever’s section.
  • Hints and explanations.
  • Latest IMO exam pattern.
  • Practice OMR sheets.

Mathematics Olympiad Previous 5 Years Papers for Class 5

Boost your confidence and excel in the SOF IMO 2023-24 with MTG Olympiad Previous Years Papers for Class 5, thoughtfully curated by Math experts to enhance your preparation. Master the Olympiad with ease using its salient features:

  • 10 Previous Years’ Papers.
  • 2 Model Test Papers.
  • OMR Sheets for practice.
  • Chapter-wise analysis.
  • Answer keys with hints and explanations.

IMO Olympiad Skill Development System (OSDS) for Class 5

This book is an ideal resource for complete SOF IMO Olympiad preparation, offering comprehensive features for at-home practice. The package includes various tools and materials to ensure students are thoroughly equipped for the exam.

  • 8 x Practice test papers
  • 8 x OMR Answer sheets
  • 8 x Detailed Solutions

MTG IMO Online Test Package – Class 5

Master the SOF IMO Olympiad exam with this comprehensive online test package, designed for thorough practice and complete preparation. The package includes a range of features to help you excel in the SOF IMO, ensuring a confident and successful performance.

  • Chapter-wise Question banks.
  • 6 Level-1 Previous years’ papers of SOF IMO. (2017-2022)
  • 6 IMO Level 1 mock tests with SOF exam pattern.
  • Custom-made tests for practice.

MTG Maths Practice-cum-Workbook with NEP Guidelines – Class 5

MTG Practice-cum Workbooks, from grades 1–8, foster dynamic learning through activity-based and comprehension-driven techniques, adhering to NEP 2020 guidelines. These workbooks offer skill-building questions of varying complexity, encouraging students to excel in their academic journey.

  • Solve fun riddles
  • Word Fun and crossword
  • Tick (ü): multiple-choice questions
  • Fun-Based Activity
  • Tackle complex questions
  • Answers and Explanation

MTG Know Your IQ Maths – Class 5

Designed for specific age groups, these books focus on enhancing Mathematical Ability, Logical Reasoning, Visual/Perceptual, and Pattern Recognition skills. With chapter-wise Math IQ questions, they stimulate logical and creative thinking, while encouraging observation, classification, recognition, comparison, and deduction abilities. Ideal for students preparing for IQ tests (International/National/State), Psychometric tests, IMO, and various Olympiads/Talent Search exams, these books offer an enriching journey of intellectual growth.

MTG IMO Olympiad Power Pack – Class 5

The super saver MTG IMO Olympiad Power Pack – Class 5 is of great importance as it combines essential resources like workbooks, previous years’ papers, and expert guidance for comprehensive preparation. This comprehensive pack empowers students to enhance problem-solving skills, practice effectively, and excel in the SOF IMO Olympiad with confidence. This combo contains:

  • International Mathematics Olympiad Work Book – Class 5
  • Mathematics Olympiad Previous 5 Years Papers – Class 5
  • Olympiad Prep-Guide Mathematics – Class 5
  • IMO Olympiad Skill Development System (OSDS) – Class 5
  • Olympiad Reasoning Work Book – Class 5
  • Maths Practice-cum-Workbook with NEP Guidelines – Class 5
  • Maths Practice-cum-Workbook Solution – Class 5

Equipped with these top-notch books, students are well-prepared to conquer the challenges and achieve excellence in their Olympiad journey. By maintaining a consistent practice, dedication, and a hunger for knowledge, success is within reach.