CBSE Class 10 Books

As one of the top CBSE book publishers for class 10 in India, MTG focuses on providing high-quality education in a simplified format. We aim to ensure that students can grasp the content efficiently. Our CBSE books for class 10 are based on the NCERT curriculum and offer top-notch content quality. We guarantee to deliver extra-curricular knowledge in a fun style, making MTG CBSE 10th Books a reliable resource for success in CBSE class 10 exams. We stay updated with exam trends and regularly update our CBSE study materials, including reference books, Question banks, handbooks, sample papers, previous years papers, lab manuals, last minute revision notes, and much more to provide the most relevant content.

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Why MTG CBSE 10th Books?

MTG is one of the leading CBSE Books publishers for class 10, offering a comprehensive education in a simplified language suitable for students of all ages. Their CBSE Books for class 10 are aligned with the NCERT curriculum, thereby aiding in NEET and JEE preparations as well. Trusted by thousands of aspirants each year, MTG CBSE Books for Class 10 help transform dreams into reality. For a diverse selection of top CBSE books for class 10, visit the MTG web store.

• MTG has won 3 awards this year to prove their excellence – 2nd Top Publisher in Test Prep, Most Trusted Publisher of the Year & Leading Publisher in Education.

• MTG CBSE 10th books closely adhere to the NCERT syllabus and make sure to impart knowledge efficiently. One can entirely rely on MTG CBSE 10th Books to throw the success dart in any Class 10 CBSE exam.

• MTG makes sure to stay updated with all the latest exam trends and updates its study materials accordingly to provide students with the latest exam patterns for class 10 board exams.

• Each MTG book of the CBSE category is designed to help students ace every phase of their academic journey.

• The MTG’s CBSE Books for class 10 are curated in an interactive way to make sure that the students have fun while learning and simplify education to make them fall in love with their studies.

How to prepare for the CBSE Class 10th Board exams?

While preparing successfully for the CBSE class 10th Board exams, stress might be a significant factor. However, to overcome that, here are a few recommendations for your Class 10 CBSE preparation strategy.
•  Stick to a suitable timetable.
•  Be familiar with the class 10 syllabus and CBSE exam format.
•  Start with the Class 10 NCERT curriculum.
•  Put as much practice as you can after understanding topics.
•  Practice the question banks based on the CBSE.
•  Solve CBSE class 10th sample papers.
•  Solve CBSE Previous year questions of class 10th.
•  Don’t let anxiety dictate how you prepare.

What are some last-month study tips for CBSE students in the Class 10th?

When making last-month preparations, must do the following to get the best result.

•  Get familiar with the complete instructions issues for the CBSE class 10 Board exam.
•  Complete the CBSE sample papers for class 10th boards based on the most recent exam patterns.
•  Solve CBSE previous year question papers class 10 as much as you can.


Which CBSE guide is best for the 10th?

MTG’s 100 Percent & CBSE Chapter-wise Topic-wise 10 Years Solved Papers are the best guides for CBSE students of class 10 for complete coverage of the syllabus along with extensive practice.

How can I study 10th CBSE?

Apart from studying from the MTG’s 100 Percent & CBSE Champion for theory, you should finish your study with CBSE 15 Sample Papers and CBSE Questions bank for practice and they consist wide variety of highly probable CBSE questions.

How many hours do toppers study?

There is no set number of hours that CBSE toppers study as it varies from student to student. However, most CBSE toppers are known to follow a disciplined study routine and may study for an average of 6-8 hours per day.

Which is the hardest subject in class 10?

The hardest subject in class 10 can vary for different individuals as it depends on personal strengths and weaknesses. However, commonly perceived as difficult subjects include mathematics and science (physics, chemistry, and biology).

Which is the highest-scoring subject in class 10?

Mathematics is considered a high-scoring subject in CBSE Class X Board Exams. As a result, more students can achieve full marks in mathematics compared to other subjects.

Is CBSE the same as NCERT?
No, they are utterly distinct organizations. Central Board of Secondary/School Examinations/Education is also known as CBSE. NCERT stands for National Council of Education Research and Training. The primary distinction between NCERT and CBSE is that the former is a publishing organization, whereas the latter is a regulating authority. You can see that NCERT texts are used by the majority of CBSE schools in India.

Is NCERT enough for CBSE 10?
NCERT is enough to complete the syllabus and understand the concepts thoroughly. However, the next part is to practice relentlessly which makes you strong enough to beat and answer any question in the class 10 board exams. For that purpose, NCERT isn’t enough and you need more books to practice all question typology to become a CBSE Champion. The books you need apart from NCERT are – 100 Percent, CBSE Chapterwise Topicwise 10 years solved papers, Objective NCERT At Your Fingertips, Score More 15 Sample Papers.

Are MTG CBSE Books for Class 10 the best?
The content quality and explanations in CBSE class 10 books by MTG are top-notch and exactly to the preference of CBSE students. MTG CBSE class 10 textbooks are all in one because with them you can learn, practice, and revise, all at once. The learning and understanding are very thorough and NCERT-like in the MTG CBSE books for class 10 and then the vast questions banks make clearing and topping the CBSE boards very easy. MTG CBSE Books for class 10 provide concept maps, and brain maps to revise everything you have learned in a heartbeat. The best part is that MTG emphasizes maximizing understanding through experiential learning eliminating rote learning which is the best type of learning. The content is curated in these CBSE books to excel in class 10 board exams.

How will MTG 100 Percent CBSE books for class 10 & class 12 help you in your preparation?
If you are a CBSE student and are looking for CBSE books for class 12& 10, then your search has ended. MTG’s 100 PERCENT is just what you need.

Best features of the CBSE reference book for class 10

• Easy theory with graphics, diagrams, additional info & examples.
• Self-evaluation exercises like Try Yourself, Illustrations, NCERT Focus, CBSE Focus, Miscellaneous questions, Competition Focus, and Exam Drill as per the latest CBSE pattern.
• 3 Solved practice papers as per the latest CBSE pattern & syllabus.
• Concept maps, Lab time experiments, Practical & Viva practice.
• All question typologies to prepare the student 100% to avoid any surprise.
• Questions labeled with all CBSE cognitive levels – R, U, Ap, An, Ev, Cr.
• Real-life scenarios for observations & experiential learning according to NEP 2020.