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MTG’s 101 Essay booklet is a comprehensive book for children of classes 6-8 to engage in reading and writing. Reading helps children learn effectively and MTG’s 101 Essays supplements a variety of topics which teach children morals, ethics, basic skills, and discipline to aid their learning. The simple, age-appropriate language helps in understanding the topic efficiently and generates new innovative ideas about it.

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Building a reading habit early on in children is very effective for learning. To promote reading in children, MTG has come up with the 101 Essay booklet, which is a comprehensive book for children in classes 3-5 to engage in reading and writing. MTG’s 101 Essays are supplemented with a wide variety of topics helpful in preparing writing composition, vocabulary enrichment, and language development. The book can help students get acquainted with the correct way of undertaking writing tasks with ease.

Some notable features are-

  • It covers every type of essay to teach morals, ethics, basic skills, and discipline to the children.
  • The essays consist wide range of topics such as on family and friends, physical health and societal issues like child labour, women empowerment, and cleanliness.
  • The variety of topics will help children preparing writing composition, vocabulary enrichment, and language development.
  • The language in the essays is age-appropriate and understandable to grasp the context.
ISBN13 9789355556530
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2023-24
Pages 280
Classes Class 6, Class 7, Class 8
Exams School Books
Subjects English
Table of Content:- 1. My Favorite Hobby - Gardening 2. Spending Time with My Grandmother 3. My Birthday during Lockdown 4. Learning How to Swim 5. Family Reunion 6. A Trip to The Beach 7. A Thunderstorm 8. Holi 9. Autumn 10. The Effects of YouTube in Today’s Time 11. Benefits of Watching Cartoons 12. Bullying 13. Importance of Failure 14. Good Handwriting and its Importance 15. Respecting The Elderly 16. Importance of Homework 17. Picky Eater 18. Household Chores 19. Being A Teenager 20. Reading 21. Friendship 22. Politeness 23. Games and Sports 24. Meditation 25. Junk Food 26. Morning Walks 27. Pocket Money 28. Charity 29. Chess 30. Fashion 31. Importance of Learning Music 32. Advantages of Having Pets at Home 33. Journal Writing 34. Teachers’ Day 35. Culture and Heritage Conservation 36. Water Conservation 37. Organic Farming 38. Plastic Pollution 39. Natural Disasters 40. Rainwater Harvesting 41. Trees- Our Best Friend 42. Pollution 43. My Favourite Cricketer 44. Wifi at Public Places 45. Video Games and their Redeeming Quality 46. Are Online Classes the Future? 47. Digital Books 48. Social Media and its Impact on Our Daily Lives 49. Rise of Online Classes during Covid-19 50. Sibling Rivalry 51. Evils Of Gossiping 52. Slow and Steady Wins the Race 53. A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing 54. Well Begun is Half Done 55. Diligence 56. Religion in India 57. Importance of Learning History 58. Urbanisation 59. Life during Covid-19 60. Sanitation 61. Dance as a Physical Exercise 62. Nutrition 63. Importance of Healthy Living 64. Health and Hygiene 65. Death of Print Media/Newspaper 66. Hunting 67. Modern Parenting 68. India of My Dreams 69. Green Diwali – The Need of the Hour 70. Save Earth 71. Global Warming 72. E-Waste Management 73. Green Revolution 74. Waste Management 75. Clean India Mission-Swachh Bharat Abhiyan 76. Air Pollution in New Delhi 77. Yamuna River Pollution 78. Chipko Movement 79. Water Crisis in India 80. Mahatma Gandhi 81. Mother Teresa 82. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam 83. Rabindranath Tagore 84. Increasing Use of Mobile Phones 85. Technology- A Boon or a Bane? 86. Delhi Metro 87. Solar Energy 88. Importance of Time Management 89. Cyberbullying 90. Old Age Homes – Emergence in Indian Society 91. Panchayati Raj System 92. The Caste System in India 93. Education System In India 94. India’s Reservation System : A Necessity or a Hindrance? 95. Diversity In India 96. Dalit Movement 97. India as a Developing Nation 98. Corruption In Indian Politics 99. English as a Major Language in India 100. White Revolution 101. What Is A Pandemic?