Study Habits Inventory


Study Habits Inventory is a psychometric test in which students need to attempt 25 questions within a time limit of 30 minutes. This test checks your skills related to memory retention and time management. Requisite for student with 10 and above of age.

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STUDY HABITS INVENTORY is a psychometric test which measure one’s mental capabilities and behavioral style with regard to study. This test is aimed to assess the specific abilities of students as they relate to the requirement of study habits.

This test will provide you a report which consist of detailed analysis of each section of the test along with your scores and performance index. The report will tell you what better you can do on your areas of improvement.

The result analysis and the suggestive measures in the report will help you:

1. Score high in academics

2. Increase self-confidence, competency

3. Cut down the hours of study

4. Retain what you learn

5. Release exams stress

ISBN13 EP201800354
Edition 2019-20
Classes Class 6
Exams Psychometric Test


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