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MTG’s IMO Olympiad Prep-Guide is an SOF Olympiad preparatory book uniquely designed to assist the students who are aspiring to sit for SOF- International Mathematics Olympiad exam session 2023-24. The Olympiad Prep Guide for Mathematics eloquently covers all that you need to study for levels 1 & 2 SOF- Mathematics Olympiad. The book is the best source to enhance a student’s understanding of Mathematical concepts and exceptions with the help of explanatory examples and exercises. To familiarize you with the latest exam trends, the latest 2022 papers have been inculcated in a chapter-wise manner.


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Specially designed to help the Olympiad aspirants, Olympiad Prep-Guide Mathematics is a one-stop solution to fulfil all your requirements for IMO (levels 1 & 2). The Olympiad Prep-guide series helps the students attain a better understanding and master their grasp of Mathematics concepts. The books will enhance the knowledge of Mathematical concepts and exceptions with the help of examples and various exercises. The Olympiad Prep-guide series helps students perfect their grip and get a deeper understanding of arithmetic concepts. Students’ numerical knowledge and understanding, as well as their reasoning, analytical, and problem-solving talents, will all benefit from these guides.
• The theory is broken down into detailed chapters and supplemented with relevant visuals, tables, explanatory diagrams/flow charts, and easy examples.
• Complete coverage of the CBSE, ICSE, IB, and other state/internationally recognised boards’ syllabuses.
• Olympiad Bite provides the most up-to-date unique facts and extra information about mathematical concepts.
• The Achievers section or HOTS questions at the end of each chapter will help you improve your lateral thinking and problem-solving skills.
• Each chapter includes multiple self-tests and exercise for practise and growth.
• Answer keys are provided after each test to help you assess your progress and understanding of math ideas.
• SOF IMO 2022 chapter-by-chapter questions with solution keys (Levels 1 & 2).
• Two Model test papers following the current SOF International Mathematics Olympiad Pattern are included.

Table of Contents:
  • Chapter 1: Number Sense
  • Chapter 2: Addition
  • Chapter 3: Subtraction
  • Chapter 4: Length, Weight and Comparisons
  • Chapter 5: Time
  • Chapter 6: Money
  • Chapter 7: Geometrical Shapes
  • SOF-IMO Model Test Paper-1
  • SOF-IMO Model Test Paper-2
ISBN11 9789355555434
Author Mtg Editorial Board
Edition 2023-24
Pages 104
Classes Class 1
Exams Olympiads
Subjects Mathematics
Weight 190gm

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  1. Prem Prabha

    This is good book

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