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MTG’s revised and updated JEE Advanced Explorer is the best book to prepare for JEE Advanced 2024. This is a completely solved book comprising 10 model test papers for practice and 10 previous years’ JEE Advanced Papers from 2014-2023, along with the chapter-wise index. The book is curated carefully to provide a preview of the weightage of topics that are asked in the exam to make students confident in their JEE Advanced conquest.

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MTG’s JEE Advanced Explorer is excellent and known to be the best book for JEE Advanced 2024 exam preparation. This guide is curated to practice in a thorough manner for JEE Advanced Engineering entrance exam. It accommodates 10 model test papers with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics sections. These model test papers have very similar types of questions asked in JEE Advanced 2024 exam. Apart from model test papers, it accommodates 10 years (2014 – 2023) of JEE Advanced solved papers with detailed solutions. In the start, the year-wise tabular format of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics chapters are given for a quick glance at the chapter weightage and number of questions asked every year in JEE Advanced Exams.

JEE Advanced Explorer is a book devised especially for JEE Exam aspirants with an aim to impart full practice of JEE Advanced 2024 exam from 20 solved papers to give a complete understanding of this exam to JEE 2024 Aspirants.

Table of Content:-
  • Model Test Papers (with detailed solutions)
  • Model Test Paper 1
  • Model Test Paper 2
  • Model Test Paper 3
  • Model Test Paper 4
  • Model Test Paper 5
  • Model Test Paper 6
  • Model Test Paper 7
  • Model Test Paper 8
  • Model Test Paper 9
  • Model Test Paper 10
  • Solved papers (with detailed solutions)- (2014-2023)
  • JEE Advanced 2014 (With Chapterwise Analysis)
  • JEE Advanced 2015 (With Chapterwise Analysis)
  • JEE Advanced 2016 (With Chapterwise Analysis)
  • JEE Advanced 2017 (With Chapterwise Analysis)
  • JEE Advanced 2018 (With Chapterwise Analysis)
  • JEE Advanced 2019 (With Chapterwise Analysis)
  • JEE Advanced 2020 (With Chapterwise Analysis)
  • JEE Advanced 2021 (With Chapterwise Analysis)
  • JEE Advanced 2022 (With Chapterwise Analysis)
  • JEE Advanced 2023 (With Chapterwise Analysis)
ISBN13 9789355559517
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2023-24
Pages 576
Classes Class 12
Exams JEE Mains-Advanced
Subjects Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics
Weight 900gm


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