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MTG’s “Problems in Mathematics” by V. Govorov, P. Dybov, N. Miroshin & S. Smirnova is a comprehensive and effective resource for mastering calculus concepts and problem-solving techniques. It contains challenging problems to helps you ace mathematics effectively.

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MTG’s “Problems in Mathematics” is a concise and comprehensive resource which offers a diverse collection of challenging mathematical problems, covering a wide range of topics, from algebra and geometry to trigonometry and calculus. It has a vast no. of questions along with answers given at the end of the book.

It is beneficial for students preparing for:

  • JEE
  • KCET
  • KEAM
Table of Contents :-
  • Preface (iii)
  • Part 1. Algebra, Trigonometry, and Elementary Functions
  • 1.1. Problems on Integers. Criteria for Divisibility
  • 1.2. Real Numbers. Transformation of Algebraic Expressions
  • 1.3. Mathematical Induction. Elements of Combinatorics
  • Binomial Theorem
  • 1.4. Equations and Inequalities of the First and the Second Degree
  • 1.5. Equations of Higher Degrees. Rational Inequalities
  • 1.6. Irrational Equations and Inequalities
  • 1.7. Systems of Equations and Inequalities
  • 1.8. The Domain of Definition and the Range of a Function
  • 1.9. Exponential and Logarithmic Equations and Inequalities
  • 1.10. Transformations of Trigonometric Expressions
  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  • 1.11. Solution of Trigonometric Equations, Inequalities, and Systems of Equations
  • 1.12. Progressions
  • 1.13. Solution of Problems on Derivation of Equations
  • 1.14. Complex Numbers
  • Part 2. Fundamentals of Mathematical Analysis
  • 2.1. Sequences and Their Limits. An Infinitely Decreasing Geometric Progression. Limits of Functions
  • 2.2. The Derivative. Investigating the Behaviour of Functions with the Aid of the Derivative
  • 2.3. Graphs of Functions
  • 2.4. The Antiderivative. The Integral. The Area of a Curvilinear Trapezoid
  • Part 3. Geometry and Vector Algebra
  • 3.1. Vector Algebra
  • 3.2. Plane Geometry. Problems on Proof
  • 3.3. Plane Geometry. Construction Problems
  • 3.4. Plane Geometry. Calculation Problems
  • 3.5. Solid Geometry. Problems on Proof
  • 3.6. Solid Geometry. Calculation Problems
  • Part 4. Oral Examination Problems and Questions
  • 4.1. Sample Examination Papers
  • 4.2. Problems Set at an Oral Examination
  • Hints and Answers
  • Appendix
ISBN13 9789355558992
Edition 2024-25
Pages 404
Classes Class 11, Class 12
Exams JEE Mains-Advanced
Subjects Mathematics
Weight 333gm


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