CBSE 10 Years (2024-2015) Chapterwise Topicwise Solved Papers Class 10 Social-Science Book – CBSE Champion For 2025 Exam | CBSE Question Bank With Sample Papers | Video Solution of PYQs (Based on Latest Pattern)


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MTG presents 2024-25 Edition of CBSE ChampionCBSE 10 Years Chapterwise Topicwise Solved Papers Class 10 with new unique features that you will not find anywhere! Along with theory & CBSE 10-year graphical analysis, get step-by-step Video Solutions of the complete 2024 CBSE board exam paper. It has past 10 years questions from CBSE, Delhi & All India Papers, 3 CBSE sample papers, 5 practice papers and solved answers to help students excel in their CBSE 2025 board exams.

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MTG’s CBSE Champion 20242025 edition, strictly based on NCERT syllabus, is the fundamental book for the CBSE students to score big in their CBSE board class 10 exams for session 2024-2025. With the inclusion of New Bloom’s Taxonomy, this book ensures a thorough cognitive skills development in students, so, they are prepared to face any challenge in their CBSE 2025 board exams.

  • Comprehensive theory with a brain map for deep learning.
  • Detailed video solutions of the entire CBSE 2024 board exam question paper for efficient learning of important concepts.
  • Topic-wise graphical analysis of the previous 10 years of CBSE Board Paper’s questions to understand chapter weightage.
  • Chapter-wise self-assessment exercises to self-evaluate your performance.
  • 5 practice papers based on the CBSE 2024-2025 syllabus.
  • Complete chapter-wise & topic-wise question bank of the previous 10 years of CBSE Term I & II, Delhi, All India, Foreign & Compartment Papers.
  • Past 3 years of official CBSE sample papers
  • The chapter-wise answers of CBSE Toppers’ are also included.
  • Solutions as per the CBSE marking scheme with preparatory tools.
  • Questions labeled as per CBSE cognitive levels – Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, & Creating.
Content :
  • Unit 1: India and the Contemporary World-II 1. The Rise of Nationalism in Europe 2. Nationalism in India 3. The Making of a Global World 4. The Age of Industrialisation# 5. Print Culture and the Modern World
  • Unit 2: Contemporary India – II 1. Resources and Development 2. Forest and Wildlife Resources 3. Water Resources 4. Agriculture 5. Minerals and Energy Resources 6. Manufacturing Industries 7. Lifelines of National Economy Map Work
  • Unit 3: Democratic Politics – II 1. Power Sharing 2. Federalism 3. Gender, Religion and Caste 4. Political Parties 5. Outcomes of Democracy
  • Unit 4: Understanding Economic Development 1. Development 2. Sectors of the Indian Economy 3. Money and Credit 4. Globalisation and the Indian Economy 5. Consumer Rights##
  • 5 Practice Papers #This chapter is to be assessed as part of periodic assessment only. ##This chapter is a part of project work only.
ISBN13 9789360234-4-7-8
Edition 2024-25
Pages 464
Classes Class 10
Exams School Books
Subjects Social Studies
Weight 690gm


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