100 Percent Social-Science For Class 10 CBSE Board Exam 2024-25 | Chapter-Wise Self-evaluation Test, Theory, Diagrams Available All in One Book | As Per Rationalised NCERT & CBSE Syllabus

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MTG 100 Percent book aligned with the latest NCERT syllabus and CBSE 2024-2025 pattern is designed to help CBSE students achieve a perfect score. It offers topic-wise theory, chapter-wise activities, concept maps, practice papers, and detailed solutions. Self-test assignments, exam drills are also included to aid in exam preparation. Questions are labelled based on CBSE cognitive levels to assist students’ cognitive skills.

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MTG 100 Percent book as per the latest rationalized NCERT syllabus and CBSE 2024-2025 pattern helps CBSE students achieve a perfect score by providing comprehensive insights and practice questions. It is designed as a smart study system, offering important information in an easily understandable format. A perfect companion for those looking to excel in their exams.

  • Topic-wise theory aligned with the latest NCERT, with well-labelled diagrams and examples.
  • Chapter-wise activities to build practical knowledge of the concepts.
  • Chapter-wise concept map to highlight & summarize the main points of the chapter.
  • 3 solved practice papers are provided to check final exam readiness.
  • Detailed solutions for all questions are provided to help understand the right answers.
  • Each section/topic includes self-test assignments for NCERT Textbook & CBSE Board questions in each theory section, as well as solved practice questions like Subjective, MCQs, passage-based, case-based, and source-based questions.
  • Chapter-wise “Exam Drill” based on the latest CBSE pattern at the end of each chapter.
  • Questions labelled as per CBSE cognitive levelsRemembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating & Creating.
  • *Solutions of the questions covered under the headings ‘Try Yourself’, ‘NCERT Focus’, and ‘Exam Drill’ can be downloaded for free from the links provided under the respective headings.*
Table of Content:-
  •  Unit 1 : India and the Contemporary World-II
  •   Chapter 1 : The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
  •   Chapter 2 : Nationalism in India
  •   Chapter 3 : The Making of a Global World
  •   Chapter 4 : The Age of Industrialization
  •   Chapter 5 : Print Culture and the Modern World
  • Unit 2 : Contemporary India-II
  •   Chapter 1 : Resources and Development
  •   Chapter 2 : Forest and Wildlife Resources
  •   Chapter 3 : Water Resources
  •   Chapter 4 : Agriculture
  •   Chapter 5 : Minerals and Energy Resources
  •   Chapter 6 : Manufacturing Industries
  •   Chapter 7 : Life Lines of National Economy
  •   Unit 3 : Democratic Politics-II
  •   Chapter 1 : Power Sharing
  •   Chapter 2 : Federalism
  •   Chapter 3 : Democracy and Diversity
  •   Chapter 4 : Gender, Religion and Caste
  •   Chapter 5 : Popular Struggles and Movements
  •   Chapter 6 : Political Parties
  •   Chapter 7 : Outcomes of Democracy
  •   Unit 4 : Understanding Economic Development
  •   Chapter 1 : Development
  •   Chapter 2 : Sectors of the Indian Economy
  •   Chapter 3 : Money and Credit : Role of Money in an Economy
  •   Chapter 4 : Globalisation and the Indian Economy
  •   Chapter 5 : Consumer Rights
  •   Practice Papers 1-3
ISBN13 9789355559791
Author MTG Learning Media Pvt Ltd
Edition 2024-25
Pages 448
Classes Class 10
Exams CBSE Boards
Subjects Social Studies
Weight 755gm

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