MTG 100 Percent Mathematics Class-10 Term 1 and Term 2


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‘MTG 100 PERCENT Mathematics’ intends to furnish students with a careful comprehension of mathematic ideas. The book is refreshed with the most recent syllabus (2021-22), including detailed theory and concept maps. A series of MCQs/ Case-based MCQs/ Source-based MCQs and Subjective questions are incorporated in different sections such as Try Yourself, NCERT Focus, CBSE Focus, Competition Focus and Exam drill for Term 1 & 2 CBSE Exams. 3 Completely solved Practice papers based on the blueprint of CBSE for the current academic year are given. Term Test assists in the timely preparation of internal assessments.

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100 percent as the name suggest is a mission to score 100% in your CBSE exams. The motive behind curating this title ‘MTG 100 PERCENT Mathematics’ is to render students a deep insight into Mathematics at secondary level and help them conquer their fears and score brilliant in the exam by achieving all learning objectives. The content of this student friendly book will hit all the three domains of learning viz. cognitive, affective and psychomotor.
Focused on covering all the elements that a CBSE students urge for, this book comprises of:
• Unparalleled Theory: Theory of Mathematical concepts is presented in a elaborated yet in an interesting way so that students won’t lose interest in the subject. To build practical skills of the students, a number of activities have been introduced in each chapter in the name of ‘Lab Time’.
• Illustrations and Evaluation Columns: Each section of theory is followed by self-test assignments in the form of Try Yourself. NCERT Focus and CBSE Focus exercises are given to make the students familiar with the types of NCERT Textbook and CBSE Board questions.
• Concept Map – The Recapitulation Tool: A well designed concept map is provided at the end of theory of each chapter that summarises the main points of the chapter.
• Chapter Exercise: Chapter exercise covers all possible type and pattern of questions. Each chapterwise paper is designed as per the CBSE pattern in the section “exam drill”.
• Term Test: Pre-Mid Term, Mid Term and Post-Mid Term tests are given to prepare the students for internal assessments.
• Practice Papers: 3 Practice papers (solved) as per the latest design and blue print of CBSE for the current academic session along with their complete solutions are provided.
In true sense this is a kind of book that will definitely help you aiming 100% in your CBSE Exams.

*Solutions of the questions covered under the headings ‘Try Yourself’, ‘NCERT Focus’, and ‘Exam Drill’ can be downloaded for free from the links provided under the respective headings.

Table of Content:-
  • Chapter 1. Real Numbers
  • Chapter 2. Polynomials
  • Chapter 3. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
  • Chapter 4. Quadratic Equations
  • Chapter 5. Airthmetic Progressions
  • Chapter 6. Triangles
  • Chapter 7. Coordinate Geometry
  • Chapter 8. Introduction to Trigonometry
  • Chapter 9. Some Applications of Trignometry
  • Chapter 10. Circles
  • Chapter 11. Constructions
  • Chapter 12. Areas Related to Circles
  • Chapter 13. Surface Areas and Volumes
  • Chapter 14. Statistics
  • Chapter 15. Probability
  • Post Mid Term
  • 3 Practice Papers
ISBN11 9789390931811
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2021-22
Pages 644
Classes Class 10
Exams School Books
Subjects Mathematics
Weight 1076gm


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