Class 6-Integrated Anubhuti with NEP Guidelines


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New Integrated Anubhuti is a Hindi Textbook/Workbook that is based on the most recent CBSE and NCF 2005 patterns. Along with this, the book also follows NEP 2020 guidelines strictly. The chapters begin with a brief introduction, followed by detailed self-explanatory content that includes word meanings and will help students improve their value-based skills. The text is supplemented with interactive visuals and a variety of exercises, including MCQs, Value-Based Questions, Very Short & Short Answer Type Questions, Long Answer Type Questions, Passage Based Questions, and Oral Questions. All of this is to help students improve their learning, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The book is supplemented with enjoyable activities, and two Unit Tests are included at the end to assess progress.

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Anubhuti is a Hindi School Textbook/Workbook designed to make Hindi learning simple and enjoyable for students. It focuses on all of the major areas of learning, namely LSRW: learning, speaking, reading, and writing. The HOTS sections in the book help kids improve their logical reasoning even more. Life skills and VBQ (Vocabulary-based questions) aid in the recall, learning, and acquisition of moral values. The book’s syllabus is entirely based on the CCE pattern, NCF -2005, NCERT, NEP 2020, and CBSE to provide students with knowledge in accordance with the current educational system. Overall, this book includes learning, creative, and entertainment exercises, as well as appealing visuals and enjoyable activities. It includes sections such as OTBA, PSA, Fun Break, “Aanand Ka Samay,” and others to make learning more enjoyable.

ISBN13 9789355554109
Edition 2023-24
Pages 156
Classes Class 6
Exams School Books
Subjects Hindi
Weight 360gm


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