Class 3-Integrated Learning English with NEP Guidelines


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MTG Learning English for a Smarter Life is a child-friendly course book that helps students gain confidence. The book follows NEP 2020 guidelines and provides real-life experiences to children. Every chapter begins with a warm-up scope that piques learners’ interest in the chapter’s content. The book contains extensive content titled Read Scope, which includes attractive illustrations as well as word meanings, followed by a series of exercises titled Understanding the story, Grammar Scope, Word Scope, Write Scope, Phonic Scope, Listen Scope, Talk Scope, Picture Scope, Fun Scope, and Life Skills. There are also poems included. All of these sections aim to improve learners’ language skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. For self-assessment, a Test Paper covering the entire syllabus is included.

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The book Integrated Learning English for a Smarter Life is a comprehensive, fun-filled, child-oriented course book for developing a progressive multi-skill development in English learning. This book focuses on four specific areas of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing according to the NEP 2020 guidelines. To provide a comprehensive understanding of the book, detailed content is provided at the beginning of each chapter. To ensure that students have a positive learning experience, all content is strictly based on the NCERT syllabus. The book’s main features include sectional layouts within chapters for children’s learning activities.

  • Warm up scope – The curtain raiser about the content of the chapter.
  • Read Scope – It tests various abilities of the learner by enhancing reading skills through a series of pertinent prose and poetry; Understanding the story – Questions on the content to recall exercises and a means of self-assessment for the learner.
  • Grammar Scope – Includes basic concepts of grammar, followed by a variety of tests.
  • Word Scope – Includes a range of tasks to imbibe language manipulation and substitution of words.
  • Write scope – Encourage learners to express themselves independently and through a broad-based format of guided inputs.
  • Phonic Scope – Train listening & speaking skills through the ability to discern sounds of words & their pronunciation.
  • Listen Scope – Develops the ability to listen, recall, and memorize texts.
  • Talk scope – Provides scope to demonstrate and air vies & concepts through oral work.
  • Picture scope – Helps in expressing creativity.
  • Fun scope – Fun-filled activities for a better learning experience.
  • Life Skills – Injects the values of life from the grass root level of learning.
  • HOTS (Test Scope) – To check what students learned so far with exercises & question.
Table of Content :-
  • Chapter 1: The Camel’s Hump
  • Chapter 2: It is 7th April Today
  • Song of the Engine
  • Chapter 3: Mrs Tabby Gray
  • Chapter 4: A Reward of Kindness
  • Kind Words
  • Fun and Play Scope - 1
  • Test Scope - 1
  • Chapter 6: Gurukul
  • Chapter 7: Gokul’s Reward
  • The Birds
  • Chapter 8: Fortune and the Beggar
  • Chapter 9: The Four Lawyers
  • All Things Bright and Beautiful
  • Chapter 10: How Tenali Caught the Thieves
  • The Toys Talk of the World
  • Fun and Play Scope - 2
  • Test Scope - 2
  • Listening Text
ISBN13 9789355553508
Author Debjani Chatterjee and Vani Khanna
Edition 2023-24
Pages 120
Classes Class 3
Exams School Books
Subjects English
Weight 270gm


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