MTG Vedic Mathematics Vol- 9 : Cubes and Cube Roots


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Vedic mathematics is an age-old method of performing precise math calculations. This skill when learnt, lasts a lifetime and makes math much easier and faster for students to calculate and solve. Students are able to comprehend the Vedic Mathematics sutras in plain English thanks to the methods that are illustrated in this book. The book’s workbook structure makes it easier for students to practise. The ability to calculate in all mathematical operations will be mastered by the students. Vedic Mathematics Volume 8 focuses on learning square roots techniques.

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Vedic Mathematics series is for use by students, teachers, mentors, and even businesspeople to perform calculations easier and faster. Calculations can be completed 10–15 times faster with Vedic Mathematics skills than when they are using traditional math techniques. The current series is built around the idea of natural learning, which makes it possible to learn and solve mathematical problems more quickly and effectively. It sparks interest in the development of more effective and integrated mathematical computation. Since calculations are done mentally, students can devise their own systems using the Vedic Sutras. Learning Vedic Math can be highly helpful in competitive exams like JEE, SAT, CAT, MAT, and GRE where speed and accuracy are crucial. Vedic Mathematics Volume 8 focuses on learning square roots techniques.


ISBN13 9789355555717
Author Dr. R K Sharma
Edition 2023-24
Pages 64
Classes Class 9
Weight 114gm


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