Class 1 : Maths Skill Development Summer Programme


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Drive through your maths phobia and achieve sure success using MSDP. The programme is developed for the students of grades 1 to 5, with 24 Interactive Tests and Downloadable Worksheets for practice. The series comprises of 4 Assessment Test and 2 Challenger Rounds. Challenge yourself as the difficulty level rises and keep hiking your confidence.

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Maths Skill Development Program The only way to learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics
Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms. It is about Understanding. This year give your children extra practice with essential math skills with our MSDP Programme.
Using Maths Skill Development Programme during the summer will allow children to stay sharp and get ready for the upcoming session. The Programme starts from the basics and works up from there in small steps till your child masters the skill and becomes an achiever.

Stay curious, occupied, updated, evolving and entertained this summer with this programme.

Why “Maths Skill Development Programme”?

  • Interactive Worksheets in attractive and interesting format.
  • You can also download the worksheets and attempt any time of the day.
  • It is a great tool for students to practice and reinforce Maths Skills that have been taught.
  • Boost confidence in Maths.
  • 1st graders to 5th graders will find our curriculum challenging yet enjoyable.
  • Challenge yourself week after week as the difficulty level rises.
  • Interactive recap every 7th day where you take a quiz online and do a critical analysis of yourself.


. 6 Interactive Tests/Downloadable Worksheets per week (24 in all)

. Progressive Difficulty level every week (Easy, Medium, Difficult and Achievers)

. 1 weekly 30-minute Test (4 tests in all)

. 2 Challenger Rounds at the end of 4 weeks will test your all the four skills tested in past four weeks.


  • Maths Skill Development Program

Schedule             Level                                        Type

  • Week 1       Easy (Classes 1-5)              6 (Interactive Test/Downloadable Worksheet) + 1 Interactive Test
  • Week 2       Medium (Classes 1-5)         6 (Interactive Test/Downloadable Worksheet) + 1 Interactive Test
  • Week 3       Difficult (Classes 1-5)           6 (Interactive Test/Downloadable Worksheet) + 1 Interactive Test
  • Week 4       Achievers (Classes 1-5)       6 (Interactive Test/Downloadable Worksheet) + 1 Interactive Test
  • MSDP CHALLENGER ROUND              Interactive Test – Single Attempt
ISBN13 EP201800349
Edition 2024-25
Classes Class 1
Exams Olympiads
Subjects Mathematics


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