Ramayan Retold With Scientific Evidence in English Medium | Religious | Spritual | Mythology Books By Saroj Bala (Second Edition)


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MTG presents ‘Ramayan Retold with Scientific Evidence’ by Saroj Bala, showcasing evidence for the events described by Maharshi Valmiki in the story of Lord Ram. It explores the question of whether Lord Rama was a real person and uses modern methods to recreate the life and environment of that time. The book includes pictures of important locations and objects mentioned in the Ramayan, enhancing the reading experience with beautiful illustrations.

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This book on Ramayan tells the life story of Lord Ram and includes important dates of key events. It also explains how scientific evidence supports the story told by Maharshi Valmiki. The book answers questions such as whether Lord Ram was a real person and if he really did all the things described in the story. The author used new and advanced methods to research this topic. They used computer programs to recreate what the sky looked like during important moments in Lord Ram’s life. The book also includes evidence from different fields of science such as archaeology, geology, and genetic studies. There are also pictures of important places and objects mentioned in the Ramayan. Beautiful pictures of Setu, Sea Level Curve and of many excavated articles mentioned in Ramayan have been made a part of the book.

ISBN13 9788190587761
Author Saroj Bala
Weight 1000gm