Class 6- IMO Olympiad Power Pack – Level 1

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To save your time, energy, and money, MTG has an all-inclusive combo of 7 Olympiad essentials that will help children in all stages of their Olympiad preparation. This combo named Olympiad Power Pack will consist of a Workbook (Physical book), a Reasoning workbook (Physical book), Olympiad previous years papers (Physical book), Olympiad Prep-Guide (Physical book), OSDS (Downloadable E-book), Mathematics Practice-Cum-Workbook (Physical book) and Mathematics Practice-Cum-Workbook Solutions (Downloadable E-book). Therefore, children will be able to prepare, practice, and perform with this all-encompassing Olympiad combo.

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MTG’s mission to bring excellence to your child’s Olympiad preparation just reached another level. The Olympiad combo named Power Pack has been launched to provide all Olympiad essentials in one pack for a 360-degree preparation for the Olympiad exams. Power Pack will include a workbook, a reasoning workbook, Olympiad Previous Years Papers, Olympiad Prep-Guide, OSDS, Mathematics Practice-Cum-Workbook and Mathematics Practice-Cum-Workbook Solutions.

  1. Olympiad Workbooks (Physical book)  – Chapter-wise MCQs, solved examples, HOTS questions, Previous year’s paper of Olympiad, Hints, and explanations with OMR sheets.
  1. Olympiad Prep Guides (Physical book)  – Detailed theory, Olympiad Bites, Self-tests exercises, Achievers section, Chapter-wise questions, 2 Model test papers, and Answer keys.
  2. Olympiad Previous Years Papers (Physical book)  – 10 Olympiad papers of 5 previous years SOF Olympiad, 2 Model test papers, OMR sheets, chapter-wise analysis, and Answer keys with hints & explanations.
  3. Olympiad Skill Development System (Downloadable E-book) – Scientifically designed updated test series with a set of 8 downloadable Olympiad sample papers, each sample paper weekly available, Detailed solutions shared after one week, and OMR sheets.
  4. Mathematics Practice-Cum-Workbook (Physical book) – A self-practice book that helps students improve their problem-solving skills with Word Fun, Crossword, Tick the Correct Option, Fun Based Activities, and Challenges.
  5. Mathematics Practice-Cum-Workbook Solutions (Downloadable E-book) – The practice has many questions and all the solutions will be provided in this book for self-evaluation and assessment.
Edition 2023-24
Classes Class 6
Exams Olympiads
Subjects Mathematics