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FAQ part 2 – Monthly magazine related FAQ’S


1. What is the mode of dispatch for the magazines we have subscribed to?
Magazine in the normal course is dispatched through the Indian Post Office’s Book-Post mode. With a nominal additional amount, the mode of dispatch can be converted to courier/registered post.

2. How much extra do I have to pay if I want my magazines to be dispatched by courier?
Following is the list of subscription charges with the Book Post mode of dispatch.

Subscription type
9 Months
15 Months
27 Months
Individual Magazine P or C or B or M

Following is the list of subscription charges with Courier mode of dispatch.

Subscription type
9 Months
15 Months
27 Months
Individual Magazine P or C or B or M

3. How can we get a discount on magazine subscriptions?
MRP of a magazine is Rs.40/-. Hence, subscription rates are already discounted. There is no additional discount on the magazine subscription.

4. 3 or 4 magazines should reach me every month under my subscription scheme. However, I have received only 1 / 2 this month? When will I get the rest of the issues?
Magazines in normal courses are sent by book-post; each is posted separately. Hence, you don’t receive all the magazines collectively. Subscribers opting for book post-delivery are requested to wait till the 20th of the month to receive all the magazines.

5. Are the PCMB magazines available class-wise? Are the magazines useful for class 9 / 10 / 11 students?
Physics for you, Chemistry Today, Biology Today, and Mathematics Today are not available class wise. These cover class 11th and 12th syllabus meant for IIT/PMT preparation. We don’t advise 9th class students to subscribe to these magazines. However, class 10th students can take benefits out of them.

6. Are the magazines published by the name of Mathematics Today, Chemistry Today, Physics for You and Biology Today the same which are available in subscription / bound volumes?
Yes. Same magazines are made available as bound volumes after the end of every year.

7. How can we get previous months’ / years’ issues of MTG magazines?
To get all the 12 issues of the previous year/years together, you can purchase the Bound Volume. Each year’s bound volume costs Rs. 300 for each subject. However, if you want to purchase previous month’s issues for the current year then you can click on the magazine that you want to purchase and select the option: ‘Single issue shipping charges’ and select the month you want the magazine for from the ‘subscription start month’ drop-down menu.

8. Can I change the duration of my subscription, even after receiving my first issue of magazine/s?
This is possible only if you want your subscription to start from any previous month. For example, suppose you have subscribed for Biology Today from September 2013 to August 2014 and have already received the September issue. Now you want your subscription to start from May 2013 to April 2014, then yes, this is possible. We will dispatch all the previous issues i.e. May, June, July and August to you and will send future issues till April 2014. But we cannot change the subscription period from November 2013 to October 2014

9. Is it possible to change the address in the subscription because we are shifting to a new address?
Yes, it is possible. You can do so by sending us an email at info@mtg.in or a change of address application letter by post. While sending information through any of the modes, kindly mention your subscription number and previous address.

10. I stay outside India. How can I subscribe to your magazines?
You can see a category showing Monthly magazine internationally. Just log in on www.mtg.in, create an account and make payment for a desired scheme of the magazine.

11. How can I subscribe to MTG’s digital magazines?
Digital magazines are available on digital newsstands like MAGZTER, ROCKSTAND, and READWHERE. You may purchase a single issue or subscribe to it for 1 year, 6 months or 3 months from these magazine stands.

12. Is it possible to convert the subscription of printed magazines to digital ones?
No, this is not possible. Neither there is any possibility of vice versa.

13. Please tell me the procedure to get a lifetime subscription to MTG magazines.
We don’t have an option for a lifetime subscription. The maximum duration for which one can subscribe to any MTG magazine/magazine combo is 3 years. Subscription, after 3 years can be renewed on receipt of fresh order with payment.

14. What is the difference between Book-post & courier mode.
If book post services are good in your area you may subscribe through book post. However, we always suggest a confirmed dispatch mode like courier/speed post.
The benefits of choosing courier/speed post are:
1. You can track your order
2. The delivery is done maximum by the 10th of the month
3. All three/four magazines reach you at the same time.

While in book post mode
1. Tracking is not possible
2. Delivery is done maximum by the 20th of the month
3. If you subscribe to more than one magazine you will receive them separately and at different times.

Hope this helps you in deciding the mode of dispatch for your subscription.