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FAQ part 3 – Payment and order related FAQS


  1. I am trying to open www.mtg.in but the page is opening to www.pcmbtoday.com Is there a problem?
    There is no problem. You are moving to the right website. www.pcmbtoday.com is the older web address of MTG Learning media Pvt Ltd website www.mtg.in
  2. I put a book in the cart and clicked Proceed to Pay, but the system is taking me to the page of http://pcmbtoday.com/index.php?main_page=login Why am I not getting the payment option?
    The reason for this is that you are not logged in. To purchase a book online the system requires your address where books have to be shipped and email id where the order confirmation mail has to be sent. Hence, system prompts the login/registration form that has to be filled in.
  3. I am interested in buying ebook, then why is your system asking me to fill the shipping details. Will I get the book at my shipping address?
    No, if you have ordered only ebook then no hard copy of the book will be sent at your shipping address. Registration giving complete details is a onetime process to make your next purchases comfortable – be it physical book or e book.
  4. I added more than 1 quantity by mistake. What to do now?
    The shipping cart has options to edit the cart item. In the box of the respective book make the quantity 1 and update the cart. There is also a check box and a bin symbol with which you can remove the selected item in your cart.
  5. Where do I get my redemption code from?
    Coupons are the offers that we used to send to our customers. It is applicable only if you have been supplied with any. IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY, PLEASE IGNORE THE STEP RELATED TO THE REDEMPTION CODE.
  6. How can I find out about the ongoing discounts on the MTG website?
    All the combos on discount are listed under the ‘combo packs on discount’ option mentioned under the Categories box given on the left hand side of our website. You can click on the same to find out about all the combos available on discount, whether Competitive exam books’ combo or Olympiad books’ combo.
  7. In spite of entering all required information on your website to place an online order, instead of getting the option where I can make payment, system is repeatedly taking me to the page of http://www.ccavenue.com What to do?
    The known reason for this type of problem is extra spacing or usage of special character in the address field. Kindly check your address for these issues and try placing the order again. If the problem persists contact our executives on our official numbers.
  8. How will we come to know that our online order is successfully placed?
    After successful payment you will receive a mail from orders@ccavenue.com with the subject “Order No. XXXXXXXX3041705XXXX” from CCAvenue and another mail from PCMBtoday with subject “Order Confirmation No: XX7XX”
    You are requested to refer to these order numbers for making any further query regarding that order.
  9. I have not received any order confirmation mail from your side though the amount that I transacted for is deducted from my account. What to do now?
    You are requested to wait for 1-2 hours as sometime orders get registered on the website with some unavoidable delay. If you do not get any confirmation even after an hour or so, please feel free to contact us. Your order may have been put on hold/abandoned state due to some internet connectivity issue during processing.
  10. In how much time will I get the amount back in my account in case of an Abandoned / Unsuccessful transaction (Transaction Failure)?
    Amount is credited back by the payment gateway in coordination with the bank / card agency within a period of 48 hours to 3 weeks.
    NOTE: Abandoned Transactions are likely to get confirmed within 48 to 72 hours. Refund process starts only when the transaction is in abandoned state even after 72 hours.
  11. How can I find the status of my online order?
    Please login to www.mtg.in using your account information and check the order status/history in “My account”.