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FAQ part 5 – Online Test Series for JEE/AIPMT

  1. Why should I buy an online test?
    Online test series gives you on-the-spot test attempt results and let you know your weak areas to work upon. The exhaustive reporting system and comparison with peers helps you prepare better for exams.
  2. What is the Total Test Duration?
    The test duration varies from test to test and has been specified in the highlights segment of the product page.
  3. How many mock tests will be provided with this course?
    The number of mock tests varies with the test package opted for.
  4. How many attempts can I take after purchasing the online mock test?
    Only one attempt is allowed. However, you can review your report and revise the questions and detailed answers provided any number of times.
  5. Can I download the test papers?
    You cannot download the tests for practice purposes. For performance analysis, you may check in review result once you attempt these papers only once and that too online.
  6. Will there be revision notes provided before taking the tests?
    No, revision notes are not provided. However, the detailed answers are very much explanatory in themselves.
  7. How will I get to know about my performance in the mock test?
    You will get a detailed scorecard and performance analysis. Along with it you will also get to know how your peer performed in the tests. Your score will be compared with the top five rankers and displayed.
  8. How long before the actual exam should I start taking the mock tests?
    Once you are confident that you are well prepared for the topic, take the test. Complete tests are recommended when you are through with your syllabus and confident enough to take the test. The preferred time is 3-4 months before the exams.
  9. What are the part/full syllabus tests in the online test series?
    The details of the part/full syllabus in the online test series – Click here for JEE Tests Syllabus
    The details of the part/full syllabus in the online test series – Click here for AIPMT Tests Syllabus
  10. When will the results of the online tests be declared?
    Immediately, soon after you finish and submit your test.
  11. Will I get solutions to the problems asked in the online tests?
    Yes, explanatory answers are available for all the tests
  12. Will there be any feedback provided on the online test performance?
    Yes, you will get a detailed analysis of your performance.
  13. Will I have access to the previous year’s test papers and their answers?
    Yes, more than 10 years previous year’s papers are available with detailed solutions.
  14. Will the mock tests work on a low-bandwidth/dial-up connection?
    Yes, tests are very fast and work on slow internet connections as well.
  15. What are the hardware and software requirements for the mock tests?
    There are no specific requirements; it works on internet browsers, whether it’s desktop or mobile.
  16. In case I have some doubts, who can I contact for resolution and what will be the TAT for the same?
    You may send the doubts to info@mtg.in, and TAT is about 24-48 hours.