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FAQ Part 6 – Olympiad Skill Development System related FAQs

  1. What is OSDS?
    OSDS is a Scientifically Designed System for sensitization of Olympiad Skills in the students. It stands for Olympiad Skill Development System. It’s a downloadable* series of tests prepared for giving practice to students appearing for the Olympiad exams.
  2. How is the OSDS beneficial for Olympiad preparation?
    OSDS test papers follow the level and pattern of the SOF actual Olympiad exams and hence it gives the student both a feel and practice of the real paper which is very useful.
  3. I am not able to locate OSDS on MTG website?
    You can locate OSDS in the Category option in the left column on www.mtg.in. You may also use browse catalogue or List books option to find OSDS.
  4. What is the content of OSDS?
    OSDS consists of 8 test papers prepared in the same manner as the SOF Olympiad papers. These papers are prepared by experts who earlier prepared SOF exam papers.Detailed solutions of all the test papers.OMR sheets for each paper to mark the answers to the questions thus inculcated the habit of using OMR sheet properly.
  5. Are these papers same as previous year papers or workbook questions?
    No these question will be new one and will be based on the pattern and level of actual exam of that year. If there is any change in the pattern, we immediately incorporate those changes and provide the new pattern papers.
  6. I have already purchase Workbooks, Real test papers, do I still need to purchase OSDS?
    We will say Yes! OSDS provides you 8 sets of question papers with detailed answers and OMR sheet as per actual composition of exams. In workbook, you will get chapter wise questions and in Real Test Papers you have previous year papers which have changing pattern of exams. Practicing more and more updated practice paper are necessary as these are based on pattern, course, marking scheme and syllabus distribution which is identical to the actual tests that are held by Science Olympiad Foundation. It helps in understanding the present level of competition.
  7. For which subject and classes OSDS is available?
    OSDS is available for:
    NCO – Class 1 – 10
    NSO – Class 1 – 10
    IMO – Class 1 – 10
    IEO – Class 1 – 8
  8. What is the cost of OSDS?
    The cost is Rs 999 per subject per class.
  9. Is OSDS available on SOF OLYMPIAD TRAINER?
    No OSDS is not available in SOF OLYMPIAD TRAINER. But, if you are interested in online test SOF Olympiad Trainer has enough questions in chapter wise form, previous year’s papers form, and model test papers form for online Practice.
  10. Why the cost is too high for simply eight set of papers that too in softcopy?
    OSDS is a valued product. Our system uses a scientifically proven technique called Systematic De-sensitization to address and almost completely eliminate the problems that are the main causes of poor performance. You can check the complete usefulness of this product and the reason of its high value HERE.
  11. How do I buy/subscribe for the OSDS?
    Being a digital product under automatic activation, it is recommended to be purchased online. After successful purchase, the subscription gets activated automatically. For any exceptional case you may contact MTG helpdesk on 08800255335.
  12. Can I make the payment through DD OR MO for OSDS?
    This is not recommended, but in exceptional cases we do accept DD, NEFT and Bank Deposits.
  13. When will the OSDS be shipped to my billing address?
    OSDS is an e-product where test papers delivered in pdf format in the membership area. This is not available in hardcopy hence this will not be shipped to your address.
  14. So, how do I access the OSDS material?
    After online purchase you will receive an activation/welcome mail with subject “Welcome to OSDS” on your registered mail id. So kindly mention correct email address without any spelling mistakes. The mail will be sent from mail id osds@pcmbtoday.com.
  15. Why welcome/activation mail is important?
    It’s important because: It contain the website address of OSDS membership area Username and Password to login to the membership area and download the papers It also contains the schedule of test papers availability and the content expiry date.
  16. What if I don’t remember the schedule or forget about the dates?
    You will receive a reminder mail for all the papers which are to be delivered, on your email id according to the schedule given in the welcome mail.
  17. What If I check the content mail late or delete it by mistake?
    Content mail is just an information mail to keep you informed about the test paper being uploaded. It has the direct link of that day’s paper. In case you miss it you can always check your member’s area to check if any paper has been uploaded. Since content mails are sent following the schedule mentioned in the ‘WELCOME MAIL’ you can always check the schedule in the welcome mail to know if the content has been uploaded on the member’s area or not.
  18. If I joined late, will I get the full content of OSDS?
    A person who subscribes late will get the previous papers in his membership area and rest of the papers as per the schedule. If he joins after the schedule is over he will receive all the content together in the MEMBER’S AREA. In such cases, he will not receive the reminder content mail for past papers. He will only receive the welcome mail.
  19. I have receive the welcome mail but not able to login to the membership area?
    To login to membership are please check You are on www.pcmbtoday.com/cds/login – the Url is case sensitive hence it should be in smaller case only. You are entering the same mail id that you used during the purchase of OSDS Password is case sensitive, hence are you using the same alpha numeric combination as given in welcome mail? If even after this you are not able to access, we request you to clear the systems cache memory and try login again. For any assistance feel free to contact MTG helpdesk on 08800255335
  20. I haven’t received the WELCOME MAIL?
    It takes an hour to receive the WELCOME MAIL after you place the order online.In some cases of online order where the payment gets stuck the welcome mail may be received within 48hrs. Kindly check your Spam box or Junk Mail as sometimes the Welcome Mail lands there instead of your Inbox. You can type osds@pcmbtoday.com in your search box inside your mail box to search for the WELCOME MAIL as it’s sent from this address only. If still you are not able to find the welcome mail do contact MTG helpdesk on 08800255335
  21. There is no link to download the test papers in the Welcome Mail?
    The links to download the test papers aren’t provided in the welcome mail. It only contain credentials to access membership area.
  22. What is the Member’s area or Membership site?
    The member’s area or membership site is a micro site specifically made for OSDS subscribers. This page contains the USERNAME and PASSWORD boxes in which you have to fill in the details provided in the WELCOME MAIL and CONTENT MAIL to access the OSDS material.
  23. I am logged in and opened first set, there is no solution available to this papers. How will I get the detail answers?
    As the delivery process given in the welcome mail, the solution of the 1st paper will be sent with the 2nd papers and so on, you will find the answer 1st papers in the link of second papers and answer of second paper in the link of third paper and so on.
  24. Is the material available forever on the Member’s Area?
    No, the material is available till the expiry date mentioned in the Member’s area. After which the links to download the test papers, solutions and OMR sheet expires.
  25. Where do I report the content related issue?
    For content related issue please send us a mail on info@mtg.in with the subject line “OSDS Content Issue”.
  26. From which book store, can I purchase this downloadable test series?
    This downloadable test series is an exclusive MTG product and is available only on MTG’s official website www.mtg.in. You will not find this on any other website or bookstore.