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FAQ Part 7 – Real Test Papers (RTP) related FAQs

  1. What are Real Test Papers?
    Real Test Papers are Previous 5 Years Papers for National Science Olympiad and International Mathematics Olympiad available in hard copy format.
  2. What is the content of RTP?
    The 100% RTP contains:
    Previous years’ SOF papers – 7 Nos.
    Model test papers – 3 Nos.
    OMR sheets – 20 Nos.
    Detailed solutions booklet – for all 10 papers.
    SOF Notebook.
    Information Brochure on Olympiad exams along with Report Sheet.
  3. What is the price of RTP?
    The cost for RTP is Rs 500 per subject per class.
  4. RTP are for which classes?
    RTPs are currently available for the class 1 to 8 for National Science Olympiad and International Mathematics Olympiad.
  5. What is the difference between eBook instant download papers and RTP?
    Both contains 5 years Previous Years Papers. EBooks Instant download papers are previous year papers in softcopy format. Answers are available in the key format. However RTPs are available in Hard Copy/Physical format. RTPs have detail solutions for the questions. In addition, RTP has three model test papers which are not available in the eBooks.
  6. How many papers are there in eBook past papers and RTP?
    Both have 5 years papers. However, RTP also have 3 sample papers.
  7. How many questions are there in each paper or set?
    Since these are previous year’s papers the pattern and number of questions/sections will be same as that year’s Olympiad exam.
  8. Why is RTP so expensive?
    RTPs are available in the small booklet form. The papers are available in the exact Olympiad paper format to give an actual feel to the students. Moreover, details answers are also given for all the previous year papers and model test papers.
  9. Is it based on NCERT or ICSE syllabus?
    The syllabus is same as that of Olympiads conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation.
  10. How RTPs are useful?
    The 100% RTP gives students a definite edge in their preparation for the Olympiads by the following: Solve the past years’ actual papers, compare their answers with detailed solutions provided, identify and improve on their weak areas. More important, RTP provides them model Olympiad papers containing expected questions based on the Syllabus, Sample papers and past trends. Detailed solutions are also provided to enable students revalidate their preparation and write the Olympiads with confidence and decided advantages.
  11. Is there any discount on RTP?
    The discount, if applicable will be notify on the website (www.mtg.in).
  12. Will shipping be charged on 1 set?
    Shipping will be charged as per the weight and delivery address. Shipping will be free on order value equal to or more than Rs 700.
  13. Does RTP have solutions?
    Yes, RTP has detailed solution for previous year papers and model test papers.
  14. What is the procedure to buy?
    One can buy RTP through online or offline mode as per one’s convenience. The procedure of online and offline purchase is mentioned on “HOW TO BUY” link.
  15. In how many days RTP will be dispatched to customer?
    Product will be dispatch within 24-48 hours after placing the order in working days. The delivery of the product may take 3-10 days depending on the mode of dispatch (courier or registered post).
  16. In case of mistakes or errors in RTP where should I mail to?
    In case of reporting any content related issue, one can send an email on editor@mtg.in.
  17. I have already purchased the eBooks. How can I convert my order of eBook to RTP?
    This is practically not feasible. The complete replacement cannot be done. However, we can offer you 50% discount on purchase of RTP. Please contact our customer care for this.
  18. Where do I need to send the OMR sheet to get the result?
    OMR sheets are provided only for practice, and these are for self-assessment. You are suggested to attempt the papers in exam like environment by filling out the OMR sheet and then checking the result by comparing it with the answers in the kit.