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FAQ Part 8 – SOF Olympiad Trainer related FAQs

  1. What is SOF Olympiad Trainer?
    SOF Olympiad Trainer is an online and mobile platform for the preparation of Olympiads in Maths, Science, English and Computers.
  2. Who prepared the content of these packages?
    The content is prepared by MTG Editorial Board. MTG has also prepared various workbooks, OSDS, and other material for SOF Mathematics,  Science, English, Cyber, Social Studies and General Knowledge Olympiads.
  3. What are the features of the SOF OLYMPIAD TRAINER platform?
    SOF Olympiad Trainer is an excellent platform for students preparing for the Olympiads.
    1. It gives the flexibility to take a chapter any number of times
    2. Custom Test Feature lets you create the test based on your wish (on the chapter combinations you want)
    3. It grades you on the basis of difficulty level. Also, let you select the level of difficulty while creating the tests.
    4. Monitor and give a record of each and every attempt in the report section.
    5. Summarize the percentage of content you have covered per package.
    6. Enable you to interact with peers to get your queries solved (through the forum)
    7. Gives you a feeling of competition and also inspires you to compete for the top rank in Leader Board.
    There are many more features in SOF OLYMPIAD TRAINER. Just log in and explore more.
  4. What all are available in SOF Olympiad Trainer?
    SOF Olympiad Trainer contains:
    • Chapter wise Test bank covering Olympiad Syllabus
    • Previous Year’s papers
    • Full-Length Mock Test Papers
  5. Which subjects it covers?
    SOF Olympiad Trainer offers packages for Class 1 to 10 in Science, Mathematics, Cyber, English, General Knowledge and Social Studies.
  6. Last Year I saw and subscribed to mock test papers before the exams of NCO, IMO, NSO, IEO, IGKO and ISSO exams. Where do I get those papers?
    Mock test papers are not available currently. These will be launched a month before the exam. So keep visiting the site for details.
  7. Is it helpful for the other Olympiads also or only specific to SOF Olympiads?
    Yes, this is helpful for other Olympiads also. Since the syllabus for the Olympiads is class-specific, practising questions in SOF Olympiad Trainer will help you prepare for other Olympiads as well.
  8. What is the price of these packages?
    The Price depends on the package you purchase. The prices may range from Rs 500 – 2000+ based on the subscription you are taking.
  9. What is the procedure to register for this?
    To register you need to create an account on www.sofolympiadtrainer.com. The complete process of registration is given on: the Youtube link.
  10. Is everything paid on this?
    Packages are paid. However, sample papers are free. You can create a login and attempt these sample papers.
  11. I don’t have an internet connection, how do I get the benefit of these tests?
    This online testing is available as a web application as well as on mobile application. In mobile applications, you can attempt the tests in offline mode also.
  12. If I register on the app can I use it on my desktop?
    Yes, absolutely. All the platforms are in sync. Once an account is created you can access the content on any platform – web or Android or IOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.)
  13. Can I use the same login on three devices at the same time?
  14. Till what time the package I bought can be used? Is there any expiry date?
    The package has validity up to 28th February of the next year.
  15. Is the content of the chapter-wise question bank a repetition of workbook questions?
    Not exactly! But some of the questions will be the same as that of workbooks. But, the questions come in a random manner and hence, with every attempt you will get a different sequence of questions.
  16. If I already have the Previous Year’s Papers, workbook, and OSDS, why should I purchase this?
    We would suggest you purchase the same. The benefits of using the SOF Olympiad Trainer are many:
    • The content and preparation for Olympiads emphasises on application-based learning.
    • Regular practice improves the child’s chance to enter 2nd level Olympiads.
    • Teaches children time management.
    • Help children overcome anxiety and attempt the main exam with calm and confidence.
    • Practice makes us perfect, so eventually, it reduces the number of careless mistakes which children make while reading and attempting MCQ based exams.
    • Model Tests are a great way to increase child’s confidence and benchmark against last year cut-off’s.
    • Helps nurture the habit of self-study.
    • Available anytime, anywhere on web or in mobile application.
  17. Is the online test package available on MTG are same as that available on www.sofolympiadtrainer.com ?
    Yes, both are one and the same thing. You can purchase it from any site.
  18. If I subscribe test from MTG how long will it take to activate my account?
    It takes 24 hours to activate the account if you purchase it from www.mtg.in
  19. What if I purchase the same from www.sofolympiadtrainer.com?
    The package gets immediately active after successful payment if you purchase the same from www.sofolympiadtrainer.com
  20. My amount is deducted but my package is still showing “Buy” status. What do I do?
    Please wait for 24 hours in such case. You need to send us a mail giving your complete details and Transaction number on mail id info@sofolympiadtrainer.com and info@mtg.in
  21. Is there any discount available on COMBO purchases?
    There is no fixed discount available. The discount offers run from time to time. If you have downloaded the mobile app, you will receive a notification of the offers.
  22. Is this possible to purchase only the question bank or Mock tests or Previous Year’s Papers?
    Yes, you can purchase these things separately also. But, such purchases can be done from www.sofolympiadtrainer.com only.
  23. Can I download the paper in pdf format?
    No, the material available on the SOF OLYMPIAD TRAINER is for attempting test on the interactive platform only. Test Papers cannot be downloaded in the pdf format.
  24. I am a teacher and I like this product for students of my schools. How can I make a purchase of bulk subscription?
    We do offer bulk logins to schools. For purchasing bulk login, please write us a mail to info@sofolympiadtrainer.com or call us on 09313982863.
  25. Is this useful for LEVEL 2 exams also?
    Yes. These products are helpful for level 2 exams. During the Level 2 exams, some additional material will be released. SOF OLYMPIAD TRAINER students who qualify for level 2 will get special discount on Level 2 materials.