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I ordered some ebooks but did not download instantly. How can I download them now? Or I purchased Olympiad previous years papers yesterday. Now, clicking on the link of the papers is prompting me to again buy these papers. Do I have to purchase these again? Or I ordered some ebooks but did not download instantly. Your download procedure says that to download the files later, first I have to log on to my MTG account with my registered username and password. But I never registered with MTG while purchasing. I bought the books from www.sofworld.org Now how can I download the ebooks?

Whatever link you followed to reach the previous years’ papers purchase page, you finally landed on www.mtg.in website where you registered yourself during the purchase process. Hence the download link gets activated for the ordered ebook in the customers’ account on www.mtg.in.
You have to log on to www.mtg.in first. Then, click on “My Account”. This will show you the current and past order details. Click on “View” button in The column next to your concerned ebook order details will take you to the download link.
Also, please note that there is a limit of 8 attempts within 7 days to download the ebook. The link will expire if you consume all 8 attempts. Link will expire after 7 days even if you still have attempts left.