100 Percent NDA-NA Previous 5 Years Chapterwise Topicwise Solved Papers (NDA/NA PYQ Book) For 2024-25 Exam


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MTG launched its latest edition of “100 Percent NDA/ NA (National Defence Academy/ Naval Academy Examination)”. It is the only book you need to ace the NDA/ NA 2025 exam. It covers all subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, General Science, English, Social Science, and Current Affairs in a chapter-wise format. It includes chapter-wise theory and topic-wise practice questions. It also includes topic-wise analysis of the previous five years’ question papers of the NDA/NA exam. In addition, it features three practice papers based on the latest exam pattern and includes solved papers from the NDA/NA 2024 exams (I&II).

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MTG, the pioneer of publishers in India, has launched this book to help NDA/ NA aspirants. The all-new 100 Percent NDA/ NA (National Defence Academy/ Naval Academy Examination) is going to be your new muse if you’re aspiring to win the NDA/NA exam in the first attempt. It covers all subjects – Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, General Science, English, Social Science, and Current Affairs to give you full preparation according to the latest NDA/ NA exam pattern.

  • Chapter-wise theory and Topic-wise practice questions.
  • Comprehensive theory to understand topics.
  • 11,000+ MCQs to help you practice and ace.
  • Topic-wise 5 5-year trend analysis of previous papers.
  • Topic-wise practice questions to enhance as you move forward.
  • Previous 5 years’ questions of NDA/ NA papers.
  • 3 Practice papers as per the NDA/ NA latest exam pattern.
  • NDA/NA 2024 (I) solved papers included.
Table of Contents PAPER I MATHEMATICS 1. Sets 2. Relations and Functions 3. Complex Numbers 4. Binary Number System 5. Quadratic Equations and Linear Inequalities 6. Permutations and Combinations 7. Binomial Theorem 8. Sequences and Series 9. Logarithms 10. Trigonometric Functions 11. Inverse Trigonometric Functions 12. Properties of Triangles 13. Height and Distance 14. Matrices 15 Determinants 16. Rectangular Cartesian Coordinates and Straight Lines 17. Circles 18. Conic Sections 19. Limits and Continuity 20. Differentiability and Methods of Differentiation 21. Application of Derivatives 22. Indefinite Integrals 23. Definite Integrals 24. Application of Integrals 25. Differential Equations 26. Vector Algebra 27. Three Dimensional Geometry 28. Statistics 29. Probability MODEL TEST PAPERS 1-3 PAPER II GENERAL ABILITY TEST PART 'A' : ENGLISH 1. Grammar : Spotting Errors, Sentence Completion 2. Synonyms 3. Antonyms 4. Phrases and Idioms 5. Sentence Rearrangement 6. Comprehension PART 'B' : GENERAL KNOWLEDGE PHYSICS 1. Units, Measurements and Motion 2. Newton's Laws of Motion and Friction 3. Work, Energy and Power 4. System of Particles and Rotational Motion 5. Gravitation 6. Mechanical Properties of Matter 7. Heat and Thermodynamics 8. Oscillations and Waves 9. Electrostatics 10. Current Electricity 11. Magnetism 12. Electromagnetic Waves and Optics 13. Modern Physics CHEMISTRY 1. Physical and Chemical Changes 2. Elements, Mixtures and Compounds 3. Atoms and Molecules 4. Atomic Structure and Radioactivity 5. Periodic Classification of Elements, Metallurgy and Chemical Bonding 6. Oxidation, Reduction and Electrochemistry 7. Acids, Bases and Salts 8. Chemistry of Non-metals 9. Carbon and its Different Compounds 10. Some Important Chemical Compounds 11. Air and Water GENERAL SCIENCE 1. Diversity in the Living World 2. Cell: Structure and Functions 3. Plant Physiology and Anatomy 4. Human Physiology and Anatomy 5. Reproduction 6. Food and its Constituents 7. Our Universe 8. Ecology 9. Biology in Human Welfare 10. Eminent Scientists SOCIAL STUDIES 1. Ancient India 2. Medieval India 3. Modern India 4. World History 5. Physical and World Geography 6. Indian Geography 7. Indian Polity 8. Indian Economy CURRENT AFFAIRS • Current Events MODEL TEST PAPERS 1-3
ISBN13 9789360231552
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2024-25
Pages 1504
Exams Government Sector
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