90% of the MCQs in the KCET Exam are the same or similar
to the questions in the MTG KCET Books!

28% of questions in the KCET 2024 exam were exactly same as MTG KCET books.

62% of questions in the KCET 2024 exam were similar to MTG KCET books.


Latest Revised Editions

The most comprehensive and complete preparatory material for students competing in K-CET 2025. Take our word for it, you don’t need anything else for success in K-CET.
Here’s why:

  • Based strictly on latest I & II PUC textbooks as per Karnataka CET prescribed syllabus.
  • Comprising 26,000+ MCQs extracted from each line of the latest I & II PUC textbooks.
  • A question bank containing Self Tests & 3-level Exercises with multiple difficulty levels – Level 1 – Topic-wise MCQs, Level 2 – Chapter-wise MCQs & Level 3 – Previous 11 Years’ (2014-2024) of K-CET questions.
  • Comprehensive Theory for deeper understanding with illustration & concept maps for conceptual clarity and topic-wise trend analysis.
  • 3 Mock test papers for exam-like practice with detailed solutions.
  • FREE: 99% Advantage Downloadable Pack containing additional huge K-CET mock tests, K-CET model tests, concept maps, formula book etc., worth Rs 1399/-
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Subject/Combo Retail price Price until Nov 15, 2024 Your savings 99% Advantage Pack worth 1399/- Your decision
Physics Rs 995/- Rs 696/- 298/- or 30% FREE
Chemistry Rs 995/- Rs 696/- 298/- or 30% FREE
Mathematics Rs 995/- Rs 696/- 298/- or 30% FREE
Rs 995/- Rs 696/- 298/- or 30% FREE
PCM Combo Rs 2,985/- Rs 1791/- 1194/- or 40% FREE
PCB Combo Rs 2,985/- Rs 1791/- 1194/- or 40% FREE

Books from MTG’s Objective K-CET Series are also available at your nearest reputed bookstore at regular retail prices.

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~ ExpertSpeak ~

What experts from Karnataka have to say about MTG’s Objective Karnataka CET Series

MTG’s KCET series contains the best books to prepare for KCET exams. These books are comprehensive, easy to understand and provides complete coverage of updated KCET 2025 syllabus.

Pre University College

MTG once again did outstanding with their books – Karnataka CET books with its all-inclusive features. These books are useful for both students and educators as it is aligned with the latest rationalized I & II PUC textbooks.

RV Learning Hub

The new KCET books are amazing. It has everything, concept maps, in-depth theory, wide-ranging questions and MCQs, previous papers, mock test, you name it. These are the best books to prepare for KCET 2025.

Expert Science and
Commerce PU College

If you are looking for the resources to prepare for KCET 2025 exam then MTG is the best place. Their KCET series has broad variety of MCQs for practice, Previous year questions, Mock test papers, exercises with detailed solutions. So, you will get a best practice for KCET exam.

Wave Kota-Belgaum

MTG KCET series is packed with theory, illustrations, concept maps, extensive question bank, trend analysis which will surely upgrade your KCET 2025 preparation. I don’t think you will need any other book after buying this.

S Nijalingappa Independent
PU College of Science & Commerce

The number of questions for practice, the MTG KCET series provides is truly unmatchable but not only that the solutions provided are so easy to grasp and simplified that you will understand the concept very easily without any external. Truly this book is an all-rounder.

Chandna PU Collage (Meards)- Sirsi