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Concept map is one of the best tool for quick revision and to summerise the vast information in quick readable form. The process enables the organisation and representation of information to improve knowledge acquisition and understanding of key concepts and their relationships in a course. The mapping offers an alternative way of providing student revision.

Keeping the same in view MTG editorial board has come up with the unique product – Concept Map for Rapid Revision in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

It covers the complete course of Class Xi and XII. Chaperwsie and topicwise concept maps are presented in a beautifully structured way for beter understanding, effective recapitulation of key concepts and creating interest in the topic.

Topics are :


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The topics on which concept maps are designed are :

ISBN13 2017030006105
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2018
Pages 34
Classes Class 11, Class 12
Exams National Medical Ent.
Subjects Chemistry
Weight 300gm

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  1. Fahad Aazam (verified owner)

    Dear mtg I am looking for concept map for physics but i don’t find it.why

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