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Biology Today is the India’s No. 1 Monthly Magazine for NEET. It comprises of CBSE Warm up, monthly test drive, Bio digest based on CBSE syllabus of class 11 & 12. It is well furnished with concept boosters and concept map for quick recapitulation and better conceptual understanding of the topics. It serves as a one stop solution for all your requirements for NEET.


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Table of Content: Competition Edge
  • NEET Practice Paper 2023
  • CUET (UG) Practice Paper 2023
  • Quiz Club
  • Unique Career in Demand
  • GK Corner
  • Word Grid
Class XI
    • Biodigest-Plant Kingdom
    • CBSE Warm UP-Diversity in the Living World
    • Zoom in Bio-Physiology of Digestion
    • Monthly Test Drive
Class XII
    • Biodigest-Human Reproduction/Reproductive Health
    • Check Your Vitals- Reproduction
    • Monthly Test Drive
ISBN11 2023010013543
Classes Class 11, Class 12
Exams NEET
Subjects Biology
Weight 140gm


  1. Sandip Dutta (verified owner)

    Very good magazine

  2. Devi Deen Pandey FTE New Delhi India

    Biology Today agreat magzine for NEET UG biology aspirants by, students must read book published by MTG

  3. Ishita Das

    Extremely helpful and interesting too including the hd pgs….consists of very good neet level questions.

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