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RTP for NSO, class-8, is a book designed to imitate the Olympiad exam papers and enhance the student’s understanding for National Science Olympiad. The book consists of question papers, and solution books along with OMR sheets for Hands-on practise for National Science Olympiad.

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100% Real Test Papers for National Science Olympiad, Class-8, is a practice book designed for students about to sit in their class-8 National Science Olympiad. The book is curated on the student’s level to assess their learning and improve their conceptual understanding. The book consists of 10 Olympiad test papers along with 20 OMR sheets for hands-on practice of students.
This book familiarizes the students with the Olympiad exam pattern and helps them understand the typologies of questions that are asked in the National Science Olympiad.
The book’s insides contain- 10 Olympiad papers of class-8th NSO, with 20 OMR sheets, out of which,
• Seven are previous year’s papers. (2017-2020)
• Three are model test papers.
The book also contains solutions for the students to self-assess the answers and work on their weak areas.

ISBN13 9789391191313
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2021-22
Pages 60
Classes Class 8
Exams Olympiads, Olympiads Level 1
Subjects Science
Weight 470gm