Class 7- Olympiad Online Classes for SOF-IEO Level 1 Batch-3


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Classes will start from 22nd July 2024

*Start Date of Online Classes will be subject to Batch Completion

Master the Olympiads with MTG’s Powerful Online Live Classes.

Online Live Classes aim to cover Olympiads Focused syllabus with shortcut tips and tricks. During these classes, expert teachers will assist students in understanding complex concepts and answering challenging Olympiad questions. Online classes help to clear the doubts that students face during solving the tricky questions of Olympiads. Many times, students are not able to reach the answer, even if they are having detailed answers. During such a time an instructor plays a key role. Join the current batch to get mastery over concepts.

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IEO Online Classroom Course Batch 3 
This classroom course is specially designed for students who are aspiring to appear in International English Olympiad. The course is designed to cover the complete course in time and give students ample practice and right guidance about Olympiads.

Features of the course –

  • 25 Live Sessions covering concepts
  • Olympiad Expert Teachers will make learning fun and dynamic.
  • Dedicated doubt-solving sessions with our passionate instructors ensure every concept becomes crystal clear.
  • Check your understanding with well-designed assignments that will solidify your Olympiad edge.
  • Downloadable PDF worksheets packed with Olympiad-style problems will make you a problem-solving pro.
  • Track Your Progress: Regular online tests highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Recordings of all classes, allowing you to revisit and revise whenever you need.
  • Learn Anytime, anywhere: Our student portal (web and mobile app) lets you revise on your schedule from anywhere.
  • Supportive Community: Share questions and motivate each other in online discussion forum.
  • Olympiad Champion Secrets: Get valuable insights and strategies with our comprehensive Olympiad guidelines, putting you on the fast track to top scores.
  • Small size batches

Days – Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Batch Timing – 7:30 – 8:30 pm

These classes will be taken up by MTG experts who understand the pulse of the Olympiad exams. The expert teachers’ team includes the members from the advisory board of all Olympiads Resources like Olympiad Prep Guides, Workbook and OSDS.

ISBN13 EP201800585
Author MTG Experts
Classes Class 7
Exams Olympiads
Subjects English

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