Online Classes for Logical Reasoning-Level 1- Batch 2


Online classes help to clear the doubts that students face during solving the tricky questions of Olympiads. Many times students are not able to reach the answer, even if they are having the detailed answers. During such time an instructor plays a key role. Join the current batch to clear all your doubts that you come across while reading the books.

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Online Logical Reasoning Course for NSO, IMO, and NCO Level 1 (Class 3 & 4)

This classroom course is specially designed for the students who are aspiring to appear in NSO, IMO, and NCO. The course is designed so that the complete course can be covered in the shortest span of time.
Features of the course –
* Small Batch of 25 students.
* This is an instructor-led online course
* There will be 1-hour concept class to explain the topic
* Doubt clearance session in each class
* A review assessment in each class to know you understand well
* Weekly tests to assess your progress

Class Timings: 3:00PM TO 4:00PM

Three days a week: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

These classes will be taken up by the MTG experts who understand the pulse of the Olympiad exams. These experts are members of the advisory board of all Olympiads Resources like Olympiad Prep Guides, Olympiad Workbooks, OSDS, Logical Reasoning Workbooks Published by MTG.

ISBN13 EP201800408
Author MTG Experts
Classes Class 3, Class 4
Exams Olympiads
Subjects Computers, Mathematics, Reasoning and aptitude, Science