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The book “Fun way of Exploring Mathematics” is a series of 5 books for Class 1 to 5. The prime motto of creating this series is not only to clear students’ foundational mathematics concepts but also to instill an interest in math from a very young age. To encourage students’ active participation in the classroom, specially curated exercises, projects and activities are incorporated throughout the series. These include the integration of math games into math lessons, connecting math concepts to everyday life, allowing students to solve questions themselves, teamwork encouraging activities, and creating connections among various chapters to reinforce the concepts learned.

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The series is in alignment with the NEP 2020 Guidelines which recommend reduced curriculum content to enhance essential learning and critical thinking, experiential learning, curricular integration of essential subjects, skills, and capacities, etc. It also focuses on the multidisciplinary and holistic development of students in both academic and non-academic spheres and puts emphasis on conceptual understanding rather than rote learning. The incorporation of 21st Century skills makes this series helpful in the process of making learning mathematics more holistic for the students.

Key Features –

  • Learning Outcomes – Helps to assess the learning objectives of the chapter.
  • Let’s Recall – Connects the chapter with lessons learned previously.
  • Teacher’s Tips – Contains helpful tips for teachers.
  • Fact Box – Consists of general information about the topic learned.
  • Let’s Try – Builds confidence in students for self-practice.
  • Do you make these mistakes? – Helps prevent mistakes students often do.
  • Practice Time – Provides plenty of scope to brush up on the application skills.
  • Revision Time – Recapitulate the entire chapter to enhance learning.
  • Worksheets – Tests the overall learning outcomes.
  • Keywords – Lists the difficult words in each chapter.
  • Brain Gym – Enhances critical thinking among students.
  • Activity Time – Develops the students’ skills of observation, concentration, teamwork, analyzing, fine motor, creation, etc.
  • Word Corner – Enables the students to analyze real-life situations by doing concept and application-based exercises.
  • Project – Hands-on project ideas to enhance learning beyond the classroom.
  • Subject Integration – Connects mathematics with different subjects.
  • SOF IMO Questions – Includes the actual questions from the International Mathematics Olympiad.
Table of Content: 1. Numbers Up To 999 Three Digit Numbers Reading and Writing Three Digit Numbers Number on Abacus Place Value Expanded Form of a Number Revision Time 2. More On Numbers Comparison of Numbers Ordering of Numbers Formation of Numbers Even and Odd Numbers Ordinal Numbers Revision Time 3. Lines, Shapes And Patterns Line Plane Shapes (2-D Shapes) Solid Shapes (3-D Shapes) Patterns, Patterns Using Shapes or Figures Patterns Using Numbers or Alphabets Revision Time WORKSHEET-1 4. Addition Addition, Addition of Three 1-Digit Numbers, Addition Facts Addition Without Regrouping Addition With Regrouping (Carrying Over) Word Corner Revision Time 5. Subtraction Subtraction, Subtraction Facts Subtraction Without Regrouping (Borrowing) Regrouping Tens And Ones, Subtraction With Regrouping (Borrowing) Regrouping Hundreds and Tens Relationship Between Addition And Subtraction Addition And Subtraction Together Word Corner Revision Time 6. Multiplication Multiplication As Repeated Addition Multiplication Table Of 2, Multiplication Table Of 3 Multiplication Table Of 4 Multiplication Table Of 5 Table of 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Multiplication Facts Multiplication Without Regrouping Multiplication With Regrouping Word Corner Revision Time WORKSHEET-2 7. Division Ready Division as Equal Grouping Division as Equal Sharing Division as Repeated Subtraction Revision Time 8. Measurement Length, Standard Units of Length Weight, Standard Units of Weight Capacity, Standard Units of Capacity Revision Time 9. Time Clock, Reading Time A.M. and P.M. Duration of Time Days of the Week Months in a Year Calendar Seasons Revision Time WORKSHEET-3 10. Fractions Fraction One-Half, One-Third One-Fourth Fraction of a Collection Revision Time 11. Money Money Exchange of Money, Operations On Money Word Corner Revision Time 12. Data Handling Data Pictograph Revision Time WORKSHEET-4 Answer Key
ISBN13 9789355556158
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2023-24
Pages 228
Classes Class 2
Exams School Books
Subjects Mathematics
Weight 470gm

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