Learning English For Smarter Life- Class 5


MTG Learning English for Smarter Life covers all four learning aspects viz, Reading- Writing- Speaking-Listening. The book completely focusses to provide positive communicative and linguistic goals to the students. The exercises are drawn from the textual content helping students to integrate learning experience. Every chapter consists of Grammar Scope, Word Scope, Write Scope, Phonic Scope, , Listen Scope, Talk Scope, Picture Scope, Fun Scope, Life Skills. 2 Test Papers covering the entire syllabus are added for self-assessment. In the end of the chapter. HOTS questions are added that will encourage students to explore something additional and advanced knowledge related to the topics and enhance their understanding skills along with the usual learning.

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Learning English for Smarter Life book is a comprehensive, fun filled, child oriented course book for developing a progressive multi skilled development in the learning of English. This book focusses on 4 targeted areas of listening, speaking, reading & writing the language. Detailed content is given at the start of the chapter to give a complete idea about the book. All the content is strictly based on the NCERT syllabus to help student having a great learning experience. The key features of the book include sectional layouts within a chapter for learning activities of the children.

The salient features of the book are:

  • Warm up scope – The curtain raiser about the content of the chapter;
  • Read Scope – It tests various abilities of the learner by enhancing reading skills through a series of pertinent prose and poetry; Understanding the story – Questions on the content to recall exercises and a means of self-assessment for the learner;
  • Grammar Scope – Includes basic concepts of grammar, followed by variety of test;
  • Word Scope – Includes a range of tasks to imbibe language manipulation and substitution of words;
  • Write scope – Encourage learners to express themselves independently and through a broad- based format of a guided inputs;
  • Phonic Scope – Train listening & speaking skills through the ability to discern sounds of words & their pronunciation;
  • Listen Scope – Develop the ability to listen, recall, memorize texts;
  • Talk scope – Provides scope to demonstrate and air vies & concepts through oral work;
  • Picture scope – Help I expressing creativity;
  • Fun scope – Fun filled activities for better learning experience;
  • Life Skills – Injects the values of life from the grass root level of learning;
  • HOTS (Test Scope) – To check what student leaned so far with exercises & question.
Table of Content:-
  • Chapter 1: The Skipping Shoes
  • Chapter 2: The Jealous Courtiers
  • Some one
  • Chapter 3: A Festive Day
  • Chapter 4: The Clock
  • Fairies
  • Chapter 5: King of Fruits
  • Chapter 6: The Wonderful Wizard of OZ
  • The Story of Johnny Head-in-Air
  • Fun and Play Scope - 1
  • Test Scope - 1
  • Chapter 7: The Lady with the Lamp
  • Chapter 8: The Blind Poet
  • Daisies
  • Chapter 9:  Angus, the Tartan Goat
  • Chapter 10: Ajit and Alka go to a Concert
  • The Four Friends
  • Chapter 11: In the Parsonage of Upper Wood
  • Chapter 12: How the Rhinoceros got his Skin
  • Young Night Thought
  • Fun and Play Scope - 2
  • Test Scope - 2
  • Listening Text
ISBN11 9789391191993
Author Debjani Chatterjee and Vani Khanna
Edition 2022-23
Pages 152
Classes Class 5
Exams School Books
Subjects English
Weight 350gm


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