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Guide to SOF Level 2 Olympiads Preparation

Apart from school exams, SOF Olympiads provides the best platform to showcase your academic expertise. You will gain competitive exam experience at the national and international level and have the chance to receive certificates and cash prizes for exceptional performance.

The Olympiads will be held on 11th February 2024 at over 500 centres worldwide and only less than 1% students will be able to qualify SOF Level-2 Olympiads.

The syllabus for level 2 is the same as level 1, but the difficulty level is higher and the question patterns are much tougher and trickier. It is important to prepare well for level 2 to avoid disappointment and exclusion. As the official academic partner of SOF, MTG has brought to you the best level 2 tips that will transform your level 2 preparation.

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SOF Level 2 International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)

IMO level 2 tests various mathematical concepts and requires advanced preparation. Following are some tips that will help you to crack SOF IMO level 2 in a more confident way:

  • Practice solving previous year’s IMO Level-2 exam papers.
  • Focus on understanding the concepts and strategies used in solving challenging math problems.
  • Review important theorems and formulas from algebra, geometry, number theory, and combinatorics.
  • Develop strong problem-solving skills by attempting and analyzing various math puzzles and brain teasers.
  • Join a study group or seek guidance from experts.
  • Enhance mental calculation speed by practicing mental math exercises.

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SOF Level 2 National Science Olympiad (NSO)

The syllabus of NSO level 2 is the same as NSO level 1 Olympiad, so students need not neglect the level 1 study material. Many intelligent students could not secure good ranks in NSO level 2, the reason is they lack the skills to attempt the paper. Follow these tips to sharpen these skills.

  • Focus on the fundamental concepts of science and logical reasoning.
  • Solve practice papers and sample questions to improve speed and accuracy.
  • Make a concise revision plan and allocate time for each topic.
  • Memorize important formulas, diagrams, and scientific terms.
  • Stay updated with current affairs related to science and technology.
  • Analyze your weaknesses and work on improving them.
  • Seek guidance from Olympiad experts.

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SOF Level 2 International English Olympiad (IEO)

Achieving success in IEO Level 2 is not an easy affair, it might seem like a breeze but it requires a lot of effort and patience. Here are a few tips that can help you to score well in the second level of IEO:

  • Practice solving previous year’s question papers to understand the exam pattern.
  • Brush up on your grammar skills by reading and revising English grammar rules.
  • Focus on improving your vocabulary by learning new words daily.
  • Master your comprehension skills by reading newspapers, magazines, and books regularly.
  • Enhance your speed and accuracy by practicing timed mock tests.
  • Go through the syllabus thoroughly and prioritize topics based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Create a study schedule and allocate sufficient time to revise all the topics.

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SOF Level 2 is tough but make your preparation tougher so, that you leave no scope and the only outcome is excellence Follow these tips to be the best of the best!

Good luck SOF Level 2 Participants!