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Bhavik Bansal


talks to you…

1st rank in AIIMS, 2nd rank in NEET, 11th rank in KVPY and 332nd rank in JEE Main, 470th rank in JEE Advanced

MTG :Why did you choose medical entrance?

Bhavik :It was my mother’s dream to see me as a doctor. Also, I have deep interest in medicine research field as well as Physics.

MTG :What exams you have appeared for and what is your rank in these exams?

Bhavik :I appeared for AIIMS achieving 1st rank, NEET achieving 2nd rank and also 11th rank in KVPY and 332nd rank in JEE Main, 470th rank in JEE Advanced.

MTG :Any other achievements? (Please mention the name of exams and rank)

Bhavik :I have cleared INBO – (217.5/300), InChO – (63.5/106)

I have also attended and cleared level – I and II of OCSC Biology from HBCSE, Mumbai.

MTG :How did you prepare for AIIMS, NEET and other medical exams?

Bhavik :I started my rigorous study and preparation from class – 11th. I studied from NCERT books multiple times. Also, AIIMS Explorer and NCERT Fingertips from MTG helped me a lot. Regular and continuous study helped me achieve my aim.

MTG :What basic difference did you find in various papers you cleared?

Bhavik :NEET and JEE, I found based on CBSE syllabus. AIIMS is also NCERT based but the pattern of questions are tougher than NEET and JEE. Focus on Physics and Chemistry numerical is very important as they are lengthy.

MTG :How many hours in a day did you study to prepare for the examination?

Bhavik :My focus was on having my concepts clear for which I would spend even 10 hours at a time. A regular study of 5 to 6 hours was a part of my schedule.

MTG :On which topic and chapters you laid more stress in each subject?

Bhavik :Physics – Semiconductor

Chemistry – Organic Chemistry

Biology – Genetics and Biotechnology

Practice Physics questions without options, focus on NCERT Exemplar and on questions from Practical Chemistry.

MTG :How much time does one require for serious preparation for this exam?

Bhavik :I would suggest a regular study of 5 to 6 hours a day.

MTG :Which subject/topics you were strong/weak at?

Bhavik :Physics (Weakness) – Wave, (Strength) – Mechanics

Biology (Weakness) – Taxonomy (Classical Biology)

Chemistry (Strength) – Inorganic Chemistry

MTG :Which Books/Magazines/Tutorial/Coaching Classes you followed?

Bhavik :I took two years’ coaching from Aakash Institute. I followed NCERT books, previous year papers from my institute and MTG AIIMS Explorer and MTG NCERT Fingertips.

MTG :In your words what are the components of an ideal preparation plan?

Bhavik :The main components are studying NCERT multiple times till your concept is clear. Solving previous year papers and test series is also very helpful.

MTG :What role did the following play in your success:

(a)   parents

(b)  teachers           (c)  school

Bhavik :My parents always, only motivated me and never pressurised me to do anything. My teachers at school and my institute also helped me in clearing my doubts and being there for me.

MTG :Your family background?

Bhavik :My mother is a PGT Physics teacher in a Govt. School, and my father is Senior Accounts Officer in Delhi Govt. My brother is pursuing Economics (Hons) from Ramjas College, DU.

MTG :What mistake you think you shouldn’t have made?

Bhavik :One should rely only on NCERT books for clearing their basic concepts rather than other books or institutes. For practice, once your concepts are clear, other books and institute will be of great help.

MTG :How did you de-stress yourself during the preparation? Share your hobbies and how often could you pursue them?

Bhavik :To refresh my mood I used to watch English movies and stand-up comedy shows.

MTG :How have various MTG products like Explorer, Books and Magazines helped you in your preparation?

Bhavik :I have used MTG AIIMS Explorer and NCERT Fingertips. Also I used to solve questions from CBSE Drill and NEET Ready from MTG Magazines. (Physics – Chemistry – Biology – Maths)

MTG :Was this your first attempt?

Bhavik :Yes, first attempt.

MTG :What was your exam strategy?

Bhavik :My exam strategy was simple. I started answering the paper with Physics but found the questions to be lengthy, so I switched to Biology which was much easier and NCERT based. I completed the Biology section in 30 minutes and then finished the rest of the sections.

MTG :Had you not been selected then what would have been your future plan?

Bhavik :I would have opted for IISc graduation if not selected.

MTG :What do  you think is the secret of your success?

Bhavik :According to me, if you like a subject and enjoy studying it, you will never feel burdened by it. I used to take questions as challenges and solve them.

MTG :What advice would you like to give to our readers who are PMT aspirants?

Bhavik :NCERT is must for NEET. In AIIMS 80-90% Biology questions are asked from NCERT. For Physics and Chemistry, practising higher level questions along with NCERT is also required. I would strongly like to suggest aspirants to focus primarily on NCERT for multiple readings, and regular and continuous study is the key to attain success.

All the Best!