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Kaplana_July 2018_Bio.

Kalpana Kumari – NEET TOPPERtalks to you…

“In my opinion, full dedication and smartly planning your preparation are the most important components of an ideal preparation.”

MTG :Why did you choose medical entrance?

Kalpana : I always had a dream to be a doctor, cardiologist. I wish and hope to cure every patient coming to me after I become a doctor, that is why I chose Medical Entrance
Exam. I want to study in AIIMS, New Delhi.

MTG : What exams you have appeared for and what is your rank in these exams?

Kalpana : My overall score is 691. In Biology, I have scored 360 out of 360, in Physics and Chemistry I have scored 171 and 160 respectively.

I have appeared for three exams : NEET, JIPMER and AIIMS.

MTG : Any other achievements? (Please mention the name of exams and rank)

Kalpana : I was a student of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya where in class 10, I received 10 CGPA. I am a topper of Class XIIth Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) with 86.8%.

MTG : How did you prepare for NEET and other medical exams?

Kalpana : I took coaching for NEET preparation from Aakash, South Delhi Centre.

MTG : How many hours in a day did you study to prepare for the examination?

Kalpana :I used to devote 12 to 13 hours per day to prepare for entrance exams.

MTG : On which topic and chapters you laid more stress in each subject?

Kalpana : I have paid more attention to Physics. In Chemistry I focussed more on Organic section.

MTG : How much time does one require for serious preparation for this exam?

Kalpana :I believe a dedicated study of 12-13 hours a day is sufficient to clear these exams.

MTG : Which subject/topics you were strong/weak at?

Kalpana :I particularly feel confident about Physical chemistry and Biology. Semi-conductor in Physics was my weak area.

MTG : Which Books/Magazines you followed?

Kalpana : I have followed MTG NCERT At Your Fingertips, Assertion and Reason books and
Magazines Physics For You, Biology Today and Chemistry Today.

MTG : In your words what are the components of an ideal preparation plan?

Kalpana : In my opinion, full dedication and smartly planning of your preparation are the most important components of an ideal preparation.

MTG : What role did the following play in your success:

     (a)    parents

     (b)   institute’s faculty?

Kalpana : My parents and Aakash Institute’s faculty played the most important role in my journey.

I followed the guidance of my teachers and believed in taking as many mock tests as possible to avoid repeating the mistakes.

My parents and family have always  been there with me in each step of my
life and never
allowed me to doubt myself.

MTG :  Your family background?

Kalpana : My father is a Lecturer and my mother is a teacher. I have one sister and one brother. My brother is doing B. Tech from IIT Guwahati and sister had done engineering from NIT, Patna.

MTG : Share your hobbies and how often could you pursue them?

Kalpana : I was never into anything in particular apart from studies. The only social media website that I have used was to video call my parents. I like playing badminton but during my preparation days, I didn’t play.

MTG : How have various MTG products like Explorer, Books and Magazines helped you in your preparation?

Kalpana : I have thoroughly used MTG Books. These books have lucid content and huge variety of questions which are really helpful for NEET preparation.

MTG : Was this your first attempt?

Kalpana : Yes, it was my first attempt.

MTG : What is the exam strategy you adopted?

Kalpana : My exam strategy was simple. I started answering the paper with physics but found the questions to be lengthy, so I switched to biology which was much easier and NCERT based. I completed the biology section in 30 minutes and then finished the rest of the sections.

MTG : Had you not been selected then what would have been your future plan?

Kalpana : I was sure that I will be selected. It was just the matter of rank.

MTG : What do  you think is the secret of your success?

Kalpana : My strong motivation to become a doctor and hard work  are the secrets of my success.

MTG : What advice would you like to give to our readers who are PMT aspirants?

Kalpana : Smart work and regular practice with full dedication is the key to success and never lose hope.

All the Best!JJ