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Krishna Agarwal_July 2018_Bio

Krishna Agrawal

for Cracking NEET2018

MTG :Why did you choose Medical Entrance?

Krishna : I chose medical entrance because my father and mother are doctors.

MTG :What exams have you appeared for and what is your rank in these exams?

Krishna :National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) : Cleared 2nd level

International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) : Cleared 1st level

MTG :Any other achievements? (Please mention the name of exams and rank)

Krishna :Qualified various scholarship exams

HomiBhabhaExamination : 9th rank, Silver Medalist

MTG :How did you prepare for NEET and other medical exams?

Krishna :I joined different coaching institutes for different subjects viz : Ideal Institute of Biology for Biology, Creative coaching classes for Physics and Konale Chemistry classes for Chemistry.

MTG :What basic difference you found in various papers you cleared?

Krishna :I appeared for NEET and AIIMS. In AIIMS questions were much more difficult. Also it laid more stress on chapters like semiconductors in Physics and Genetics in Biology.

MTG :How many hours in a day did you study to prepare for the examination?

Krishna :I used to study 6 to 7 hours per day.

MTG :On which topics and chapters you laid more stress in each subject?

Krishna :Physics – Modern Physics and semiconductors

Chemistry – Inorganic Chemistry

Biology – Genetics

MTG :How much time does one require for serious preparation for this exam?

Krishna :6 to 7 hours of focussed regular study is sufficient for the preparation of this exam.

MTG :Any extra coaching?

Krishna :No extra coaching but guidance by BhargavRaje Sir is worth mentioning.

MTG :Which subjects/topics you were strong/ weak at?

Krishna :In Physics, I am good at mechanics however modern physics and semiconductor are my weak topics. In Chemistry, I have a good command on physical and organic chemistry but inorganic chemistry is my weak area. In Biology, I am good at human physiology but genetics is my weak topic.

MTG :Which books/magazines/tutorial/coaching classes you followed?

Krishna  :Physics – Creative coaching classes

Chemistry – Konale Chemistry classes

Biology – Ideal Institute of Biology

MTG :In your words what are the components of an ideal preparation plan?

Krishna  :(i) 6-7 hours of focussed regular study.

(ii) Framing and following a proper time table.

(iii) Focussing on weak areas only after making strong areas perfect.

(iv) Strictly following advice of teachers.

MTG :What role did the following play in your success :

(a)  Parents   (b)  Teachers     (c)  School

Krishna :My parents helped me a lot in keeping my mindset positive and motivating me to study during my stress period. I think teachers are the real architects of my success. They nurtured me for 2 years so that I could get such good score. My school and college teachers supported me all through my academic life.

MTG :Your family background?

Krishna :As I have already mentioned both my parents are doctors. My mother is a dentist and my father is a paediatrician.

MTG :What mistake you think you shouldn’t have made?

Krishna  :I think the only place where I made mistakes was during my examination. For a question, I filled a wrong circle and for another I filled right circle but mistakenly put a  mark on the other circle also. Hence, I lost 10 marks.

MTG :How did you de-stress yourself during the preparation? Share your hobbies and how often could you pursue them?

Krishna :I de-stress myself by listening to music and playing some games. I pursue them once a month.

MTG :How have various MTG products like Explorers Books and Magazines helped you in your preparation?

Krishna :MTG Books helped me a lot. They have lucid content for effective recapitulation and huge variety of different questions. I solved a lot of MCQs from these books which helped me much towards the end of my preparation.

MTG :Was this your first attempt?

Krishna  :Yes, this was my first attempt.

MTG :Had you not been selected then what would have been your future plan?

Krishna :I would have tried another chance.

MTG :What do you think is the secret of your success?

Krishna :Consistent hard work along with smart work had been the secret of my success.

MTG :What advice would you like to give to our readers who are PMT aspirants?

Krishna :Study hard and also study smart. There will be times when you feel low. But keep on doing the needful and you will surely get success.

All the Best!JJ