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6 Exam Hacks For 95% Effective Result in 10th Board Exams

As the board exams are getting close, tension and anxiety among the students have now become a nightmare. Exam jitters are common, fret not!  Planning your studies will not only help you to crack your board examinations but also helps you to pass it with flying colors. Here are listed 7 important tips which will help you in pursuing academic excellence and secure a meritorious position in 10th Board examinations.

1. Make a Time Table      

The very first thing you must focus on is – time management! And the best way to manage your time is creating a good time table. Time is very precious thing! Especially when you have less time in your lap. So, try to make the best use of it. Decide yourself what to study and when to study. Create a timetable which you are sure that you will be able to follow on to.

Study smaller amounts of syllabus every day instead of taking on huge portions of math, physics, chemistry and biology. If you hurry with all the subjects you haven’t yet covered, you will be able to memorize very little of it for exam day. Do check your timetable every morning and set your goals for the day and at end of the day check whether you have been successful in meeting your goals or not. If yes, you are on the right track.

2. Choose the Suitable Environment

Do you have the habit of checking your social network like WhatsApp, Instagram etc in between your studies? Almost everyone does. To prepare effectively, you need to identify a quiet corner of the home which must be free from all hurdles and distractions. Ensure that you are away from electronic gadget like mobile phones, computers etc. We all know how addictive and time consuming such things can be. Try to avoid such things at least for next few couple of days until your examination finished!

Hand over your mobile phone to your parents or switched off and put aside in another room. Taking care of these small things will ensure that there will be no more factors eating into the little time that you have left in your hands! This is the only way to ensure that the time table you just created will not be tampered with!

3. Learn and Write

Reading the chapters and making brief notes of important portions help you prepare effectively and boost your learning capability. Allow yourself to read the important points aloud and write them down after. By doing so, you don’t just SEE the points, but you HEAR them and WRITE them too.

4. Use Visual Cues For Easy memorization

Stick a couple of chart papers on your wall and cupboards and write down all important information, dates, formulae, mnemonics, graph, diagrams that are very difficult to learn. Keeping these chart papers in front of your eyes all the time will be an extremely useful tool when it comes to revision.

Create flashcards for the last moment preparation and carry them around yourself. You can utilize them anywhere even while commuting or standing in a queue somewhere.

5. Know What To Study

Remember, few days are left for Board exams, you are not studying to gain deep knowledge but to gain marks. So, keep this in your mind and study only what is important related to each subject. Just have a look below:


  • Make a list of formulas and derivation and revise accordingly.
  • PHYSICS- You need to clear your concept and more focused on formulae and theorem-based questions. Try solving questions from last years’ 10th board exams papers, CBSE sample paper of class 10 science.
  • CHEMISTRY- it is the high scoring subject and needs lesser time for preparation. Learn the name reactions thoroughly and create charts of chemistry formulae along with nomenclatures, names and revise them when possible.
  • BIOLOGY-includes lot of diagrams. You should ensure that important terms of biology subject and their respective functions are remembered correctly.

Class 10th mathematics is all about calculations, basic geometry, trigonometry and the concept of numbers. It is important to be in synch with your NCERT textbook and try to solve more problems each day. Almost the entire question paper includes concepts and formulas that are given in the NCERT book. After NCERT book, you can start solving maths sample papers for class 10, unsolved papers and maths model question papers within the given set of time.


This subject is quite scoring and needs the minimum amount of efforts comparatively. Focus more on grammar and do practice more and more. Work on your writing skills and improve it, solving sample papers is always a good idea.

Social Studies:

Social Studies(SSt) may sound boring for students, but one can use study tools discussed above like flashcards, colorful charts, timelines and funny mnemonics to make it fun. For better revision, go for MTG’s Score More 21 Sample Papers and increase your confidence by solving SST sample papers.

6. Practice on Sample Papers

One of the most effective ways to prepare for 10 Board exams in less time is to practice previous Board exam’s papers and sample papers. This helps you get familiar with the format of the questions, brushing up your knowledge and overcome your fear of class 10 Board exams.

Solving CBSE sample question papers will help you revise in all its probability. MTG recently launched a book named Score More 21 sample papers, strictly based on latest syllabus and design of questions papers issued by CBSE. Go for it and solve Maths, Science, English, SST CBSE sample papers book. In this book solutions are given as per the CBSE marking scheme. It gives you a fair idea of the format of the class 10 question paper as it will appear in the examination.